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Thin-film micro-electrochemical energy storage cells (MEESC) such as microbatteries and double-layer capacitors (DLC) are provided. The MEESC comprises two thin layer electrodes, an intermediate thin layer of a solid electrolyte and optionally, a fourth thin current collector layer; said layers bein ...

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An electric cell module is provided, which enables operations of connecting terminals in one direction and which is, as a whole, highly rigid and has excellent resistance to breakage. A pair of rod bodies

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A dual battery system includes a first battery and a second battery electrically connected in parallel to positive and negative terminals. The first battery has an open circuit voltage greater than that of the second battery so that, as current is drawn from both batteries, the amount of current dra ...

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A novel flexible carbon article for an electrode is disclosed for use in an electrical storage device in which the flexible carbon article, such as a planar sheet of a plurality of substantially parallel fibers or ribbons, and in which the fibers or ribbons have a Young's modulus of less than 1 MM p ...

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A lantern battery substitute, comprises an upper assembly including an approximately square upper plate with rounded corners and four edges and having a resilient snap latch situated at approximately the center of the upper plate projecting downward normal to the plane of the upper plate. Four batte ...