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Coupling miniature liquid fueled fuel cells with portable electrical devices, with or without rechargeable batteries, lead to new appliance configurations: charging holster, piggyback charger, fuel cell integral with rechargeable battery, fuel cell with voltage regulating electronics, supplying fuel ...

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A contactless rechargeable hearing aid system in which a rechargeable hearing aid may be optically or inductively recharged by an optical or an inductive recharger. The optically rechargeable hearing aid may have a dual purpose optical fiber that may act as a light conduit for the recharging light, ...

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A fuel cell for generating electricity by using an ion exchange membrane as electrolyte. Such fuel cells are generally arranged as a stack. Each fuel cell has a fuel electrode to which gaseous hydrogen is fed, an oxygen electrode to which oxygen is fed, an ion exchange membrane sandwiched therebetwe ...

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A rechargable battery, system and method for controlling its operation and the recharging thereof in order to prolong the useful life of the battery and to optimize its operation. In one form, an electronic microprocessor is provided within or attached to the battery for receiving and processing ele ...

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