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Integrated power semiconductor devices having improved high frequency switching performance, improved edge termination characteristics and reduced on-state resistance include GD-UMOSFET unit cells with upper trench-based gate electrodes and lower trench-based source electrodes. The use of the trench ...

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A vertical field effect transistor (1400) and diode (1450) formed on a single III-V substrate. The diode cathode and the transistor drain or collector may be formed in a common layer (1408).

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A trench-gated Schottky diode of the kind described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,365,102 is provided with an integral clamping diode which protects the gate oxide from damage from high electric fields and hot carrier generation when the device is reverse-biased. The clamping diode is arranged in parallel with ...


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An accumulation-mode MISFET comprises: a high-resistance SiC layer 102 epitaxially grown on a SiC substrate 101; a well region 103; an accumulation channel layer 104 having a multiple delta -doped layer formed on the surface region of the well region 103; a contact region 105; a gate insulating film ...

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A field control electrode 9 is formed over an insulating film 6 on a channel layer 2, between a gate electrode 5 and a drain electrode 8. Tantalum oxide (Ta.sub.2 O.sub.5), for example, may be used as the material for the insulating film 6.