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A method for producing a three-dimensional type semiconductor device comprises a first semiconductor integrated circuit layer comprising active regions, insulating layers, gate electrodes, and interconnection layers; an insulating layer formed thereon; and a second semiconductor integrated circuit l ...

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A solid state imaging device with a high sensitivity is obtained by introducing an incident light to be incident on a light receiving portion widely. In the solid state imaging device, a layer (

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The device for the acquisition and automatic processing of data obtained from optical codes comprises a CMOS optical sensor; an analog processing unit connected to the optical sensor; an analog/digital conversion unit connected to the analog processing unity; a logic control unit connected to the CM ...

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A semiconductor device such as FET or charge coupled device, having a channel or a charge coupled portion provided in a thin semiconductor layer which is nearly perpendicular to the substrate and to which the necessary electrode such as the gate electrode and the necessary insulating layer are added ...

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An solid state image pickup device including a plurality of photoelectric conversion regions (PD1, PD2) for generating carriers by photoelectric conversions to accumulate the generated carriers, an amplifying unit for amplifying the carriers, being commonly provided to at least two photoelectric con ...

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This disclosure relates to a semiconductor device which has a first electrical state prior to the application of a particular voltage to at least one conductor thereof and a second, different, irreversible electrical state after the voltage was applied to the selected conductor. A method of forming ...

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There are many, many inventions described herein. In one aspect, what is disclosed is a digital camera including a plurality of arrays of photo detectors, including a first array of photo detectors to sample an intensity of light of a first wavelength and a second array of photo detectors to sample ...

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A new method of forming a polysilicon resistor is achieved. Polysilicon gate structures and source/drain regions are formed in and on a semiconductor substrate. A passivation layer is formed overlying the gate structures. A contact window is opened to the drain portion of the source/drain region. A ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To fabricate a semiconductor device which is further integrated, thinned and downsized, and to achieve a high performance and low power consumption in the semiconductor device.SOLUTION: A semiconductor device layer which is peeled from a substrate using a peeling layer is lamin ...

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