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A switch apparatus having first and second surfaces with conductive pattern segments thereon in proximate spaced overlying relation, each of the patterns being generally identical and having a circular array of alternating solid and interleaved conductive portion, one pattern being movable toward th ...

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A push switch is capable of performing a first switching operation and subsequently a second switching operation when a pressing force is applied to the switch. The push switch includes (a) an insulating membrane having at least one dome with at least a portion thereof overlaid by or serving as an i ...

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A keyboard is provided having illuminating keys. The keyboard includes a light channeling membrane and key members constructed at least partially of translucent material so that light produced from a light source is channeled upwardly to the upper surfaces of the key members. The light source may in ...

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A portable electronic calculator comprises a calculator body which supports a keyboard consisting of a single elongated row of keys each of which is adapted to be tilted in any one of four directions by the finger tip of a user to input a selected one of four different information signals from said ...

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This is concerned with a switch device which is quite thin and can be used on either a flat or a contoured surface that includes a backing member which may be dimensionally stable, either as a flexible or a stiff membrane, with a flexible membrane spaced therefrom by a flexible filled adhesive mater ...


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A keyboard device utilizing a conductive plastic material layer which contacts circuit elements or pathways, the improvement of snapable plastic means raised on a pedestal through which it snaps through center to provide a feel of completion of circuit contact to the user.

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Multiple switches produced as a flat panel embodying the basic principle of laminates of electrical conductors in desired patterns assembled as stratifications in close proximity but separated by spacers and covered by resilient material facilitating momentary pushbutton operation of companion switc ...

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Electric switches are described in which a resilient, electrically conductive, elastomeric member is spaced adjacent but apart from contact means; among features are the elastomeric connector: of sheet form; on metal contacts as a movable contact bridge; defining a simple and durable multiple switch ...