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There is disclosed a push button switch which comprises rubber contacts each including a contact portion (311), a flared portion (312) formed integrally with the periphery of the contact portion (311), and a ring-shaped portion (313) formed integrally with a lower end of the flared portion (312) and ...

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A membrane switch, which is vented to equalize air pressures within and outside the switch, includes a scavenger material in the vent passage selected to react with airborne contaminants and prevent or substantially reduce their passage into the area of the switch contacts.

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A keyboard membrane switch including the standard three layer resilient flexible diaphragm switch construction. Threshold pressure is applied to the membrane prior to engagement of the membrane contact with at least one fixed contact. This phenomenon is achieved by applying variable thicknesses of n ...

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A keyboard apparatus is provided for small and lightweight computers and the like. Keyswitches and a keyboard assembly comprise a sheet member having a plurality of key faces fixed thereon in a conventional keyboard arrangement. A plurality of cutouts are provided in the sheet member, partially surr ...

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A location sensitive touch panel for use on a rigid substrate. The substrate carries a first set of conductive strips. A resilient plastic membrane overlaying it carries a second set of conductive strips orthogonal to and spaced from the first set. Finger pressure can cause electrical contact betwee ...

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A switch is disclosed having an insulating substrate with a first contact, a spacer layer with a hole aligned with the contacts, a flexible membrane with second contacts aligned with the hole and first contact, the membrane having a raised area of controlled thickness aligned with the second contact ...

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A push button of rubber or other resilient material for use with a push-button switch and comprising a hollow tilting wall of a mesa shape. The tilting wall of the resilient push button serving as an operating portion is constructed such that its thickness gradually decreases in going from an upper ...

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A keyboard assembly includes an insulative substrate upon which are carried a plurality of conductive paths. Respective portions of the paths are selectively bridged upon depression of a dome-shaped conductive resilient contact element. A pair of space-opposed regions of the dome's marginal portion ...

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A button with at least one flexible cantilever and an actuating portion coupled to the button can either be integrally formed from a single piece of material or assembled into a single device so that the button can be easily and quickly installed into a button housing. Additionally, because of the s ...

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A bushing has a hole being of a circular cross section and extending through walls of the bushing. The hole in the bushing has an upper portion forming a small-diameter portion and a lower portion forming a large-diameter portion. An operation shaft extends through the hole in the bushing. The opera ...