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A transparent plastic case for encapsulation of a remote control unit having pushbuttons on its upper face, such that spilled liquid beverages cannot reach the pushbuttons to adversely affect operation of the control unit. The plastic case is openable to permit easy insertion of the control unit int ...

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A waterproof switch apparatus for an electronic device comprises at least one push-button for switching, a sheet-like water sealing member groove-engaged with the shaft portion of the push-button, and a holding member for holding the water sealing member by pressing the outer peripheral portion of t ...

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A keyboard device which includes a frame having a plurality of bores in which there is positioned a core for slideable motion therein, and a keyboard top positioned over the bores and preferably sealing each of the cores within the bores of the frame so that no particles of food or dust can accumula ...

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Keys or buttons for operating switches contain flat panel displays for displaying changeable images that convey information pertaining to operation of the switches. Labels at the face of the keys can change instantly and automatically when the functions of the switches change during different modes ...

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An electronic housing structure including an enclosure for containing at least one electronic device having a plurality of user interface switches. The electronic housing structure further has a user interface pad attached to the enclosure near the user interface switches for operating said user int ...

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Provided is a waterproof/drainage structure for a lower casing (11) having a plurality of pushbuttons (16) on a surface thereof. The waterproof/drainage structure has a cover member (14) forming the surface and provided with a plurality of button holes (14a) the plurality of pushbuttons (16), and a ...

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An elastomeric boot for covering a keyboard subassembly and having a lip sealing means extending over and under the assembly to prevent entry of contaminants.

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An environmentally sealed key switch assembly has a key pad formed from a plurality of individual keys preferably arranged in rows and columns. A first elastomeric sheet has a plurality of holes corresponding to positions of keys in the key pad. Each hole stretches around a corresponding one of the ...

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A keyswitch assembly including a circuit board having a plurality of circuits, each circuit terminating with a pair of first and second contacts, and a curved, resilient contact plate associated with each pair of contacts having at least a portion of its periphery in communication with one of the pa ...

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A waterproof structure with a simple structure and a good assemble workability is provided. A recess portion is formed on a side of an inner casing, and a through hole is formed at the bottom of the recess portion. The through hole runs to a housing recess portion, and a dome switch opposes to the t ...