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Disclosed is a solid state inductor which is formed in a monocrystalline semiconductor body. An electrically isolated helix comprised of conductive studs selectively interconnected by electrical contacts circumscribes an electrically isolated core material. Typically the studs are comprised of the s ...

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A chip-shaped laminated electronic part including at least one inductor, which comprises a plurality of sheets of an insulating material, and electrically conductive patterns each formed on the surface of each said sheets, said patterns being so connected to form one or more coils to provide at leas ...

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Transformer fault current monitor which provides recorded indications of the number of times any fault currents have occurred and also of the number of times fault currents which have a duration of more than a predetermined length of time have occurred. Current transformers coupled to the monitored ...

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An electrical power center for recreational vehicles comprising a cabinet which is adapted to be framed in the interior structure of a recreational vehicle and which has a circuit breaker box and a power converter unit mounted therewithin. The power converter unit may be conveniently removed from th ...

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A gas-insulated switch for a distribution transformer and its associated electrical connections are located within a tank containing insulating and cooling oil for the transformer.

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A power and/or distribution transformer comprising: a tank provided with a magnetic core, high- and low-voltage windings, adjustment windings. insulating partitions made of solid material which are interposed between the high- and low-voltage windings and a dielectric and cooling fluid; an on-load t ...

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A portable X-ray source device for producing a selected number of uniform X-ray output pulses. The device comprises a spiral capacitor voltage generator, a transformer assembly and a cold-cathode emitter X-ray tube. The capacitor and transformer are coaxially disposed in mating sections of a cylindr ...