Eb Eshun
Anil K Chinthakindi, Ebenezer E Eshun: Thin film resistor with current density enhancing layer (CDEL). International Business Machines Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser P C, Lisa U Jaklitsch, September 18, 2007: US07271700 (5 worldwide citation)

A thin film resistor device and method of manufacture includes a layer of a thin film conductor material and a current density enhancing layer (CDEL). The CDEL is an insulator material adapted to adhere to the thin film conductor material and enables the said thin film resistor to carry higher curre ...

Erwin Meinders
Martijn Henri Richard Lankhorst, Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Robertus Adrianus Maria Wolters, Franciscus Petrus Widdershoven: Electric device with phase change material and parallel heater. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Philips Electronics North America Corporation, Intellectual Property & Standards, September 21, 2006: US20060208847-A1

The electric device (1, 100) has a body (2, 102) having a resistor (7, 107) comprising a phase change material being changeable between a first phase and a second phase. The resistor (7, 107) has a first electrical resistance when the phase change material is in the first phase and a second electric ...

Charles Sperry
Sperry Leonard James, Magnusson Arthur Fritiof, Foy Homer Charles: Improvements in electric circuit elements. Globe Union, August 14, 1963: GB934012-A

934,012. Circuit assemblies; capacitors; fixed resistors. GLOBE-UNION Inc. Oct. 18, 1961, No. 37439/61. Class 37. A resistor-capacity unit in which the capacitor comprises a pair of electrodes and associated leads bonded to an insulating member of dielectric material has a resistor formed in paralle ...

Chandrakant M Yagnik, Blake E Heimbecker: Switch controlled, zone-type heating cable and method. Thermon Manufacturing Company, Pravel Hewitt Kimball & Krieger, April 30, 1996: US05512732 (270 worldwide citation)

A parallel, zone-type heating cable wherein thermally-controlled ferrite reed switches in each zone regulate current flow to heating elements aligned in parallel with each other. Two parallel conductors deliver current to the switches and the heating elements. A dielectric insulation material separa ...

Chen Ho Sou, Polk Donald E: Novel amorphous metals and amorphous metal articles. Allied Chemical Corporation, Plantamura Arthur J, December 24, 1974: US3856513 (255 worldwide citation)

Novel metal alloy compositions which are obtained in the amorphous state and are superior to such previously known alloys based on the same metals are provided; these new compositions are easily quenched to the amorphous state and possess desirable physical properties. Also disclosed is a novel arti ...

Daniel C Guterman, Gheorghe Samachisa, Yupin Kawing Fong: EEPROM with split gate source side injection. Sundisk Corporation, Steven F Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert Caserza, January 27, 1998: US05712180 (244 worldwide citation)

Novel memory cells utilize source-side injection, allowing very small programming currents. If desired, to-be-programmed cells are programmed simultaneously while not requiring an unacceptably large programming current for any given programming operation. In one embodiment, memory arrays are organiz ...

Shunpei Yamazaki: Photoelectric conversion semiconductor and manufacturing method thereof. Gerald J Ferguson Jr, Joseph J Baker, October 11, 1983: US04409134 (242 worldwide citation)

A semi-amorphous, photoelectric conversion semiconductor which is formed of a mixture of a microcrystalline semiconductor and a non-crystalline semiconductor and in which the mixture is doped with a dangling bond neutralizer, such as hydrogen, chlorine or fluorine, and the microcrystalline semicondu ...

Blood glucose level monitoring-alarm system and method therefor. Whittaker, May 14, 1975: GB1394171-A (239 worldwide citation)

1394171 Surgical implants WHITTAKER CORP 16 May 1973 23456/73 Heading A5R [Also in Divisions H1 G1 and G3] The blood glucose level of a human body is monitored by an implanted glucose diffusion-limited cell 10. A membrane 14 (materials are exemplified) which permits free transmission of oxygen and g ...

Kanaya Kikuo, Katsuhiko Kanamori, Ryosuke Masuda: Distribution type tactile sensor. The Yokohama Rubber, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik and Murray, April 30, 1991: US05010774 (220 worldwide citation)

A distribution type tactile sensor, which comprises a plurality of electrodes provided in pairs at respective pressure sensing points on a pressure sensitive conductive rubber sheet capable of changing the electrical resistance responsive to compressive forces, and a rectifier element provided to re ...

Dieter Hahn, Gottfried Flik, Bernd Schumann: Device for gas-sensoring electrodes. Robert Bosch, Kenyon & Kenyon, December 4, 2001: US06325979 (217 worldwide citation)

A sensing element, in particular for an electrochemical sensor for determining gas concentrations, having at least one three-dimensional electrode arrangement, applied on a support plate and forming trenches of a depth for measuring changes in capacitance and/or conductivity in a gas-sensitive layer ...

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