Bart Thomeer, Robert Sorem: Composite coiled tubing apparatus and methods. Dowell A Division of Schlumberger Technology Corporation, John E Vick Jr, October 27, 1998: US05828003 (138 worldwide citation)

Products and methods relating to composite materials and their use in coiled tubing is disclosed. The composite tubing is a pressurized structure for conveying fluids downhole in a wellbore. It has a multilayered laminate that resists buckling within the wellbore and is fabricated into a hollow tube ...

Mitchell A Cotter, John A Taylor: Electrically optimized hybrid “last mile” telecommunications cable system. Khamsin Technologies, Mark D Wieczorek, May 29, 2001: US06239379 (137 worldwide citation)

A cable system is provided which can accommodate electrical and optical cabling. The conductors of the system employ a layer which is impedance-matched to space, decreasing their cross-section to electromagnetic interference. The conductors of the system also employ a layer which symmetrizes electro ...

Dieter Gerth, Friedrich Schatz, Cornelius van Hove: Moisture-proofing electrical cable. Kabelmetal Electro, Ralf H Siegemund, August 9, 1983: US04398058 (137 worldwide citation)

Three stranded-together, insulated conductors are enveloped in a rubber-elastic, inner sleeve on which sits a corrugated twin tube arrangement of an inner copper tube and an outer steel tube. The corrugations seal the interior in a bulkhead-like fashion.

Samuel F Wood: Hot insertion power arrangement. Alantec Corporation, Brian D Ogonowsky, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel, March 10, 1998: US05726506 (136 worldwide citation)

A plug-in module receives both primary and alternate power via mating connectors on the module and on the backplane. Multilevel connectors are used so that a module being inserted first receives alternate power and ground before primary power and signal connections are made. The initial connect to t ...

Charles E Carroll: Crush-resistant coaxial transmission line. W L Gore & Associates, Gary A Samuels, October 29, 1991: US05061823 (135 worldwide citation)

A crush, kink, and torque resistant, flexible coaxial cable having a closely spaced, spiralled rigid metal wire layer between the outer conductor of the coaxial transmission line and the outer jacket of the cable. Small size light weight, good flexibility with minimum spring-back and excellent crush ...

Kidd David Alan, The Robert Geoffrey, Toms James Edward: Improvements in or relating to electrical conductors for alternating current. Central Electr Generat Board, July 19, 1967: GB1076772-A (135 worldwide citation)

A magnetic alloy used in construction of an electrical conductor (see Division Hl) has a basic temperature between 0 DEG C. and 20 DEG C. and a composition nickel 35.23%, chromium 10.8%, silicon 1.05% and remainder iron.

Robert Kenny, Stuart Reeves, Keith Ford, John W Grosh, Spring Stutzman, Roger Anderson, David Wiekhorst, Fred Johnston: Cable with offset filler. ADC Incorporated, Merchant & Gould P C, February 12, 2008: US07329815 (133 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to cables made of twisted conductor pairs. More specifically, the present invention relates to twisted pair communication cables for high-speed data communications applications. A twisted pair including at least two conductors extends along a generally longitudinal axis ...

Huawen Li, Michael J Tierney: Electrochemical sensor ink compositions, electrodes, and uses thereof. Animas Technologies, RatnerPrestia, March 13, 2007: US07189341 (133 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to conductive polymer compositions, catalytic ink compositions (e.g., for use in screen-printing), electrodes produced by deposition of an ink composition, as well as methods of making, and methods of using such compositions and electrodes. An exemplary ink material compris ...

Mulvey Bernard J: Method of making fluid-blocked stranded conductor. General Electric Company, June 29, 1971: US3589121 (132 worldwide citation)

An insulated stranded conductor which is properly fluid blocked is manufactured by first coating a wire filament or strand, and then forming a stranded conductor with the coated filament as the center strand. An outer insulation is applied over the resulting stranded conductor under sufficient press ...

Chuck Stahulak, Bruce Barnes, Wayne Heinmiller, Shadi Khoshaba, Nikhil Marathe, Henry Towster: Powered fiber cable. SBC Knowledge Ventures, Toler Schaffer, September 18, 2007: US07272281 (131 worldwide citation)

An optical fiber for information transmission contains a glass tube core wrapped in a sheath of conductive material attachable to a power source such as a battery or generator to transmit power via the conductive sheath of the fiber. Methods to transmit power via an optical fiber, together with fibe ...

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