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A microwave collinear antenna array applicator for in situ or in vivo treatment of tumors and/or other materials by hyperthermia is disclosed. The array consists of a plurality of harmonically related resonant coaxial antenna elements connected electrically in series to provide uniform heating along ...

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The invention relates to a paste, which can undergo screen printing, for producing a porous polymer membrane. Said paste contains at least one polymer, one or more solvents for the polymer having a boiling point of >100° C., one or more non-solvents for the polymers (pore-forming agents) having a hi ...

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Disclosed is an electrical connector in which the conductive and dielectric elements are arranged in a composite I-beam shaped geometry in which the conductive element is perpendicularly interposed between two parallel dielectric and ground plane elements. Low cross talk and controlled impedance are ...

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A bipolar current collector-separator for electrochemical cells consists of a molded aggregate of electro-conductive graphite and a thermoplastic fluoropolymer combined in a weight ratio of 2.5:1 to 16:1. The bulk resistivity of such a molded bipolar current collector-separator is less than 4.times. ...

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A feedthrough connector for use on an implantable electronic cardiac pacer. A single structure provides a means for connecting a heart lead to the pacer and feedthrough into the body of the pacer. The feedthrough may include filtering means to protect against external interferences. The entire struc ...

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An electrically conductive adhesive comprises electrically conductive particles mixed in a non-conductive base at such a mixing ratio that the conductive particles are not in contact with one another. When this adhesive is disposed between facing electrodes, it provides electric conductivity between ...

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A cable system is provided which can accommodate electrical and optical cabling. The conductors of the system employ a layer which is impedance-matched to space, decreasing their cross-section to electromagnetic interference. The conductors of the system also employ a layer which symmetrizes electro ...

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Metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) source reagents useful for formation of metal-containing films, such as thin film copper oxide high temperature superconductor (HTSC) materials. The source reagents have the formula MAyX wherein: M is a metal such as Cu, Ba, Sr, La, Nd, Ce, Pr, Sm, Eu, ...

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Three stranded-together, insulated conductors are enveloped in a rubber-elastic, inner sleeve on which sits a corrugated twin tube arrangement of an inner copper tube and an outer steel tube. The corrugations seal the interior in a bulkhead-like fashion.

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An electrically conductive adhesive includes a resin component, a photoinitiator, and metal-coated polymer beads. The beads have an average diameter and a very narrow size distribution around the average diameter. The adhesive is applied between a read/write head and a suspension to attach the two, ...