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Conductive polymer compositions comprises a polymeric material having dispersed therein (a) conductive particles composed of a highly conductive material and (b) a particulate filler. The compositions exhibit a positive temperature coefficient of resistivity and undergo a large increase in resistivi ...

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Electrically conducting organic polymeric material having a preselected room temperature p-type electrical conductivity which may vary over the entire range characteristic of semiconductor behavior and into the range characteristic of metallic behavior, is prepared by controlled chemical doping of p ...

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A composition which comprises a matrix polymer and, distributed therein, a particulate conductive filler. At least some of the filler particles are composed of a conductive polymer composition and/or the matrix comprises a sintered polymer. The matrix polymer and the filler particles and the method ...

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Disclosed are polymeric compositions for manufacture of secondary electron multiplier tubes. The polymeric compositions may be provided by combinations of (1) insulating polymers having a high secondary yield, (2) conductive particles such as carbon black, graphite or metal particles which may be gr ...

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A PTC composition comprising at least one polymer, from 5% to 45% by volume of electrically conductive or semiconductive particles having a room temperature electric conductivity of at least 10.sup.2 [s/m] dispersed in said polymer, and from 0.2% to 20% by volume of thermally conductive particles ha ...

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A skin-compatible, hot-melt processible, pressure sensitive adhesive is disclosed. A thermo-reversible cross-linking is achieved, permitting advantages in processibility and the reduction of waste.

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This invention relates to compositions of thermally stable electrically conductive substituted and unsubstituted polyanilines and to conductive articles formed from such compositions.

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A pressure sensitive electro-conductive material which can be utilized as a pressure sensitive electro-conductive switch or as a variable resistor. The switch comprises two electrodes with a deformable pressure sensitive electro-conductive material sandwiched between the electrodes. The electro-cond ...