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A feedthrough connector for use on an implantable electronic cardiac pacer. A single structure provides a means for connecting a heart lead to the pacer and feedthrough into the body of the pacer. The feedthrough may include filtering means to protect against external interferences. The entire struc ...

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A hermetic terminal assembly arrangement for an opening extending through a wall housing panel wherein the opening periphery is threaded to adjustably receive an externally threaded annular sleeve through which a current conducting pin extends, the terminal assembly arrangement including a first sea ...

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Acid and alkali oxides are smelted for an extended period of time at a first elevated temperature above their melting temperatures. The smelted mixture is then quenched in water and fritted. The fritted mixture is then disposed between a pair of members which are to be hermetically sealed relative t ...

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A terminal is provided for introducing signals from an electrical terminal pin in a heart pacemaker to a terminal lead introduced into a patient's body. The terminal pin is disposed in a lid of the heart pacemaker so that the terminal pin is insulated from the lid. Means are also provided for introd ...

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A hermetically sealed implantable medical device is provided with a multi-pin arrangement including selected glass to metal or ceramic to metal seals for a feedthrough of the compression seal or matched seal type.

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An hermetically sealed electrical feedthrough assembly including an elongated inner electrical conductor having first and second ends; a glass body hermetically sealed around one length portion of the inner conductor adjacent to the first end thereof; a metal adapter hermetically sealed around the g ...

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A material hermetically seals two members. One member may be titanium or a titanium alloy and the other member may be a noble metal such as platinum. The seal is resistant to acids and alkalis and is substantially impervious to shocks resulting from mechanical forces or abrupt changes in temperature ...

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An electrical feed-through assembly suitable for electronic devices to be implanted in a human body consisting of a titanium coupler provided with a flange into which is fitted an the alumina sleeve. A titanium coupler is fitted over the other end of alumina sleeve and compression joints are formed ...

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First and second members spaced from each other are hermetically sealed by fused insulating materials. The insulating materials are partially amorphous and partially crystalline. The insulating materials have substantially identical characteristics. However, a first one of the insulating materials i ...

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A device for supporting wire bundles which pass through an opening of a structural element such as the tracks of an airplane slat. The device includes an inside spacer element which both supports and spaces apart the individual wire bundles. The spacer is supported within a hollow split bolt which i ...