Peter Rothschild, Lee Grodzins: Chopper wheel with two axes of rotation. American Science and Engineering, Bromberg & Sunstein, August 13, 2002: US06434219 (89 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for creating a beam of penetrating radiation of specified cross section that raster scans over a two-dimensional area, using a chopper wheel rotated about two axes. The wheel has a set of apertures of which at least one is illuminated to form the beam. Rotary actuators rotate ...

Tanya E Jewell, Kevin Thompson: Ringfield lithography. AT&T Bell Laboratories, George S Indig, May 24, 1994: US05315629 (89 worldwide citation)

Ringfield projection apparatus using x-ray radiation e.g. of 1.30 .ANG. wavelength is suitable for lithographic patterning in the fabrication of integrated circuits at design rules of 0.25 .mu.m and below. The design permits reduction from an enlarged mask as well as substantial throughput, the latt ...

Martin Hartick, Frank Cordes: Apparatus and method for adjusting a collimator. Heimann Systems, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, November 19, 2002: US06483894 (88 worldwide citation)

A collimator for an X-ray testing machine and a method for adjusting the collimator with the aid of a detection system disposed in the collimator that includes at least two spatially separate detection devices, disposed and spacing one behind the other.

Scott W Barton, Peter M Calandra: Angle dispersive x-ray spectrometer. Molecular Metrology, Choate Hall & Stewart, July 13, 1999: US05923720 (86 worldwide citation)

An x-ray spectrometer is provided comprising an X-ray source, a curved crystal monochromator which focuses a monochromatic x-ray beam onto a sample surface, the curved crystal monochromator comprising a shape which is substantially identical to a logarithmic spiral, and a position-sensitive x-ray de ...

Otto Pastyr, Wolfgang Maier Borst: Contour collimator for radiation therapy. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Hill Van Santen Steadman & Simpson, December 27, 1988: US04794629 (86 worldwide citation)

A contour collimator has diaphragm plates arranged in displaceable fashion relative to one another. Each diaphragm plate is individually engageable with an adjustment element shared by all of the diaphragm plates for displacing one diaphragm plate relative to the remaining diaphragm plates. An inter ...


Jörg Schultz, Johannes Wangler, Karl Heinz Schuster, Udo Dinger: Illumination system particularly for EUV lithography. Carl Zeiss Stiftung Trading Carl Zeiss, Ohlandt Greeley Ruggiero & Perle L, March 6, 2001: US06198793 (85 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns an illumination system for wavelengths ≦193 nm, particularly for EUV lithography, with at least one light source, which has an illumination A in a predetermined surface; at least one device for producing secondary light sources; at least one mirror or lens device comprising ...

Avery Robert F: Support structure for electron accelerator with deflecting means and target and cooperating patient support. Varian Associates, June 1, 1971: US3582650 (85 worldwide citation)

Improved linear accelerator apparatus for directing ionizing radiation on an object is realized by utilization of a horizontal axis of rotation about which the linear accelerator axis rotates while the accelerator axis maintains a horizontal spatial orientation at different circumferential points of ...

Edward D Kingsley, Satish Agrawal: Photoluminescent objects. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR, Cantor Colburn, June 16, 2015: US09057021 (84 worldwide citation)

An object comprising a low rare earth mineral photoluminescent structure incorporated onto or into one or more portions of the object, the object being a photoluminescent object is disclosed. Further disclosed is a method for fabricating the object. An object comprising a low rare earth mineral phot ...

Edholm Paul, Jacobson Nils Bertil: Exposure compensating device for radiographic apparatus. Medinova, August 28, 1973: US3755672 (84 worldwide citation)

A device in radiographic apparatuses for compensating the variations in thickness, density and absorption properties in different parts of an object being radiographed so as to produce a more uniform average exposure of the radiographic recording medium and thereby a more uniform image contrast in a ...

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