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A system for mining geothermal energy utilizing the detonation of a deeply buried nuclear device such as nuclear fusion bomb or a nuclear fission bomb to produce a chimney cavity and fractures in a rocky geothermal stratum. Heat exchange fluid is introduced into the cavity and is transferred to floo ...

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Geothermal steam is generated by setting off an underground nuclear detonation above a naturally hot stratum of igneous rock and thereafter introducing water into the formation above the hot stratum which has been made permeable by the nuclear detonation.

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The arrangement for generating EUV radiation based on electrically triggered gas discharges with high repetition rates and high average outputs. The object of the invention, to find a novel possibility for generating EUV radiation based on a gas discharge pumped plasma which permits the generation o ...

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When a nuclear explosive device is detonated underground in a geological formation, an extraneous liquid such as water is introduced into the resulting fragmented area of the formation to upgrade the quality of fluid products withdrawn therefrom. For instance, water introduced into a chimney formed ...

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Explosive device temperature controlling wherein high temperature effect of an environment is minimized by isolating explosive and a low temperature medium from the environment by enclosing within apparatus comprising a container including a removable end closure, first and second open-ended double- ...

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A system for generating electromagnetic radiation comprising a flux generator for generating a high intensity current and conversion means in the form of a reflex triode or a plasma focus device for converting said current into a high energy radiation beam.

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This nuclear explosion detection system receives the radiated transient radiofrequency signal and the fast-rising and slow-rising portions of the radiated transient optical signal, and indicates the occurrence of an explosion only if these signals satisfy selected criteria. The optical criteria incl ...


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The indicator comprises three nondirectional aerials located at the apexes of a triangle, preferably equilateral, which receive the transient radiofrequency signal radiated from the explosion. These signals are fed to trigger circuits and coincidence gates which determine which of the three aerials ...

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A perforating apparatus (100) used to perforate a subterranean well. The perforating apparatus (100) includes a generally tubular gun carrier (106) and a charge holder (104) rotatably mounted within the gun carrier (106). At least one shaped charge (102) is mounted in the charge holder (104) and is ...