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An improvement is made in 2-site immunoradiometric assay wherein a single labelled antibody can be used to assay many different antigens.

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Radioactive labelled antibody for cardiac myosin is injected intravenously after cardiac occlusion and is specifically absorbed in infarcted myocardium, as are radioactive labelled lower molecular weight fragments of the antibody such as (Fab').sub.2, (Fab'), and (Fv). The location and size of the m ...

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Protein conjugated chelated metal radionuclides are provided for use in vivo. Intermediates are provided for preparing the polypeptide compositions efficiently.

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A component of a motor vehicle comprising a photoluminescent interior member formed of a plastic composition, wherein the plastic composition comprises at least one polymer and a plurality of additives comprising at least one photoluminescent material and at least a first ultraviolet protector, wher ...

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A method for quantitation of antigens or antibodies from a liquid sample on a solid surface. The sample is first sorbed directly to a nonimmunological surface. Then the surface is exposed to antibody or antigen labelled preferably with a fluorogen, to cause an immunological reaction to occur. After ...

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The present disclosure is directed to a method and apparatus for controllably injection a radioactive isotope tracer fluid into a fracture fluid, a manifold or mud flow line connected to a well. It is best used in measuring well stimulation procedures based on injection of tracer isotopes so that st ...

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A hydratable or hydrated gel medium for use in bioassay of a test substance contains fixed in a localized zone a reagent for the test substance. Assays are conducted rapidly by diffusing the test substance followed by an indicator substance also reactive with the reagent into the zone and measuring ...

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A system for eluting a daughter radioisotope from a parent radioisotope and containerizing the resultant eluate in an evacuated container having a rubber stopper, providing for delivery of eluant from a reservoir through a tube to a generator containing the parent radioisotope, for venting of the re ...

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A radioisotope-powered semiconductor battery comprises a substrate of a crystalline semiconductor material, the material having at least one degree of confinement, and a radioactive power source comprising at least one radioactive element. The power source is positioned relative to the substrate to ...

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A method and means of making an immunological assay is provided whereby stable isotopes of certain elements, or long-lived radioisotopes of these elements are used to tag antigens or antibodies. A known amount of the tagged antibodies or antigens are then mixed with the unknown number of antigens or ...