William H. Gates III
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Systems, devices, methods, and compositions are described for providing an x-ray shielding system including a flexible layer including a support structure having a plurality of interconnected interstitial spaces that provide a circulation network for an x-ray shielding fluid composition.

Richard J Greff, Michael L Jones, Scott Evans: Compositions for use in embolizing blood vessels. MicroTherapeutics, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, December 22, 1998: US05851508 (450 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are compositions suitable for use in embolizing blood vessels which compositions comprise an ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, a biocompatible solvent and a water insoluble contrasting agent selected from the group consisting of tantalum, tantalum oxide and barium sulfate. Also disclosed a ...

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An electromagnetic shielding composite having nanotubes and a method of making the same are disclosed. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the composite for providing electromagnetic shielding includes a polymeric material and an effective amount of oriented nanotubes for EM shield ...

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A patient alignment system for a radiation therapy system. The alignment system includes multiple external measurement devices which obtain position measurements of components of the radiation therapy system which are movable and/or are subject to flex or other positional variations. The alignment s ...

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An environmental chamber is described which enables an operator's hands to have direct access within the chamber without compromising a special atmosphere within such chamber. A pair of sleeves of a flexible material are sealed to the chamber around associated access apertures and project outwardly ...

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Injection of slurried wastes is carried out within deeply buried strata. Appropriate target strata are identified in terms of sufficient porosity and permeability, and overburden that includes permeable and impermeable strata. Slurry is injected at sufficient pressure to establish fracturing within ...

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A method and apparatus for transporting syringes containing radioactive material. The apparatus includes a radiopharmaceutical pig having an inner chamber in which a sharps container can be secured. The sharps container has a housing and an attachable cap. The method includes assembling the radiopha ...

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An improved method and apparatus for transporting a syringe containing radioactive material that provides many advantages, including the safe enclosure of the syringe both before and after use, which reduces the possibility of contamination of the radiopharmaceutical pig. The present invention also ...

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A capsule for encapsulating radioactive material for radiation treatment comprising two or more interfitting sleeves, wherein each sleeve comprises a closed bottom portion having a circumferential wall extending therefrom, and an open end located opposite the bottom portion. The sleeves are construc ...

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A process for preparing sintered articles by heating a preform having good green strength and low modulii of elasticity, and comprising a matrix of fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene interconnecting and entrapping a high volume, at least about 85%, of a particulate and preferably a sinterable mater ...