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An electrical energy source is created by the combination of a light emitting polymer material having at least one light emitting surface emitting light energy of a specified frequency bandwidth and a photovoltaic cell having a light collecting surface and a pair of electrical contacts. The light co ...

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An indicating system 10 for use in a plant where predetermined action is required upon the occurrence of a fault condition includes a data processing facility 12 and a data inputting facility 16 for inputting data into the data Processing facility 12. A graphic display device (Figure 2) is connected ...

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A electromagnetic machine is provided. The machine has a rigid elongated hollow shell, open at both ends, which is bigger at its midsection than at either end. The shell is wrapped with a wire which is connected to a power source so that the device can be energized. A pliable elongated pouch is at l ...

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This is one of a series of nuclear fusion (vs. fission) inventions by this physicist-inventor. This invention is designed to burn the cleanest of all known fusion fuels: boron hydride (B-H, or p-.sup.11 B). Boron hydride has no free neutrons on either side of its reaction equation: p+.sup.11 B=3.alp ...

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A deep diode atomic battery is made from a bulk semiconductor crystal containing three-dimensional arrays of columnar and lamellar P-N junctions. The battery is powered by gamma rays and x-ray emission from a radioactive source embedded in the interior of the semiconductor crystal.

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A plant condition display system for displaying items of information regarding a plant operation for an operator comprises a process signal input device into which process values are inputted from a plant and converted therein into process signals, a display data preparation device for preparing dat ...

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A liquid metal circulation system is disclosed which is suitable for use in connection with a nuclear reactor. The circulation system of the invention includes an electromagnetic pump having a central core body featuring a helically configured, six pole magnet, optionally directing flow to one or a ...

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A closed-cycle gas turbine engine power plant employing a nuclear reactor to heat its working fluid, helium, is provided with a bypass valve whereby a variable amount of the helium compressed by the compressor or compressors may be caused to bypass the nuclear reactor and flow directly to the inlet ...

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A power system comprising: a primary power source in electrical communication with a bridging power source, wherein the bridging power source is in electrical communication with a bus; a secondary power source in electrical communication with the bus, wherein the secondary power source comprises an ...

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The electrical power output of a nuclear powered generating station, as requested by an operator or by an automatic dispatch system for the grid with which the station is associated, is controlled in a manner which insures that the nuclear steam supply system limits are not violated. The invention p ...