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Methods are provided for using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to measure the bulk volume of oil and water in the polyurethane liner of sponge core. The method is accurate, rapid, and non-destructive. It provides information simultaneously in oil composition and viscosity.

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A system and method for limiting emittance growth in an electron beam is disclosed. The system includes an emitter element configured to generate an electron beam and an extraction electrode positioned adjacent to the emitter element to extract the electron beam out therefrom, the extraction electro ...

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An iterative drilling simulation method and system for enhanced economic decision making includes obtaining characteristics of a rock column in a formation to be drilled, specifying characteristics of at least one drilling rig system; and iteratively simulating the drilling of a well bore in the for ...

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A battery discharge indicator for protecting a storage battery is provided. The battery discharge indicator includes a positive connector that can couple to a positive terminal of the battery and a negative connector that can couple to a negative terminal of the battery. Also included, is a voltage ...

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Two different cavitation fusion reactors (CFR's) are disclosed. Each comprises a chamber containing a liquid (host) metal such as lithium or an alloy thereof. Acoustical horns in the chamber walls operate to vary the ambient pressure in the liquid metal, creating therein small bubbles which are caus ...

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A well completion is provided to enable sand-control treatment of one or more production zones with only a single trip into a well. In one example arrangement, the completion may include a first, second and third packer. The first packer may be attached to a production tubing. A first sand screen ma ...

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A virtually punctiform plasma source of high-intensity radiation in the X-ray region is produced at the open downstream end of a gas-filled discharge space defined by and between concentric cylindrical inner and outer electrodes. At the closed upstream end, the electrodes which define this discharge ...

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Smooth-surfaced, free-flowing, rigid, spherical, hollow microcapsules having non-porous shell walls consisting of essentially homogeneous, non-vitreous metal oxide in predominantly polycrystalline state, which have at least one shell having over the entire outer surface thereof one or more coatings ...

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A system and apparatus for controlled fusion in a field reversed configuration (FRC) magnetic topology and conversion of fusion product energies directly to electric power. Preferably, plasma ions are magnetically confined in the FRC while plasma electrons are electrostatically confined in a deep en ...

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Described herein are integrated systems for generating neutrons to perform a variety of tasks including: on-line analysis of bulk material and industrial process control (as shown in FIG. 1), security interrogation (as shown in FIG. 2), soil and environmental analysis, and medical diagnostic treatme ...