Robert Senzig
Xiaoye Wu, Robert F Senzig, Deborah Joy Walter, James W LeBlanc, John Eric Tkaczyk: Diagnostic imaging two non k-edge basis materials plus n k-edge contrast agents. Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group Sc, June 12, 2008: US20080137803-A1

A diagnostic imaging system in an example comprises a high frequency electromagnetic energy source, a detector, a data acquisition system (DAS), and a computer. The high frequency electromagnetic energy source emits a beam of high frequency electromagnetic energy toward an object to be imaged and be ...


Desire J L Massart: Method of calibrating an analytical instrument. U S Philips Corporation, Paul Miller, September 3, 1996: US05552997 (146 worldwide citation)

A method of calibrating an analytical instrument, for example an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, comprises measuring the absorbance of a plurality of standards of known concentration (100) and plotting the measured absorbance against concentration (101). A straight line is fitted to the plotted ...

David S Register: Stylus operable computer with wireless keyboard in storage bay. Dell USA, Robert Groover, James Huffman, August 8, 1995: US05440502 (89 worldwide citation)

A pen-operable computer which also functions as a fully keyboard-operable computer. The keyboard contains an independent power supply, and is linked to the main chassis only by an infrared interface. The system chassis is very compact, but includes a full-width docking bay into which the keyboard ca ...

James K Gimzewski, Wolfgang D Pohl: Scanning tunneling microscope. International Business Machines Corporation, Jackson E Stanland, May 26, 1987: US04668865 (87 worldwide citation)

An improved scanning tunneling microscope comprising a semiconductor chip into which slots are etched to form a central portion linked by a first pair of stripes to an intermediate portion, which in turn is linked by a second pair of stripes to the main body of the chip. The pairs of stripes have mu ...

Segaud Daniel: Supporting structure, especially for signalling lights of motor vehicles, and its manufacturing process.. Valeo Vision, March 10, 1993: EP0531185-A1 (82 worldwide citation)

The supporting structure equipped with an electronic circuit with multiple components, especially for signalling lights (indicators) of motor vehicles, comprises strips (42) separated from each other by slits (43), a plurality of the said multiple components (3) being mounted on each of the said str ...

R Spencer Quilling II: Mounting kit for mounting one of several types of audio equipment in an automotive dashboard. Metra Electronics Corporation, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, November 21, 1995: US05467947 (81 worldwide citation)

A mounting kit for mounting one of various types of radios or the like to support brackets in a vehicle. The kit includes a radio housing, mounting brackets and shaft supports. The mounting brackets can be used with the radio housing to mount an ISO-DIN radio. The shaft supports can be used with the ...

Stephen M Lane, Stanley G Prussin, Howard Spracklen: Shielded dose calibration apparatus. Sunol Technologies, December 28, 1993: US05274239 (81 worldwide citation)

A shielded dose calibration apparatus including one or more hand-held portable shield units containing a vessel with a radioactive sample in a shielded chamber and a calibration station for calibrating the sample in the vessel without removing the vessel from the protections of the shielded chamber. ...

Den Tohru, Iwasaki Tatsuya: Carbon nanotube device, manufacturing method of carbon nanotube device, and electron emitting device. Canon, May 6, 1999: EP0913508-A2 (79 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a carbon nanotube device comprising a support having a conductive surface and one or more carbon nanotubes, one of whose terminus binds to the conductive surface so that conduction between the surface and the carbon nanotube is maintained, wherein a root of the carbon ...

William Nattel: Electrical wiring box arrangement. Commander Electrical Materials, Larson and Taylor, May 8, 1984: US04447030 (79 worldwide citation)

An electrical wiring box arrangement particularly adapted for mounting on a metal support structure such as a U-shaped or I-shaped metal dry-wall stud includes an L-shaped mounting bracket with deformable leg portions and a wiring box. The wall structure of the box is provided with attachment tabs a ...

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