Bahman Qawami
Robert C Chang, Bahman Qawami, Farshid Sabet Sharghi: Maintaining erase counts in non-volatile storage systems. SanDisk Corporation, Ritter Lang & Kaplan, December 14, 2004: US06831865 (81 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for storing erase counts in a non-volatile memory of a non-volatile memory system are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a data structure in a non-volatile memory includes a first indicator that provides an indication of a number of times a first block ...

Bahman Qawami
Chang Robert C, Qawami Bahman, Sabet Sharghi Farshid: Hybrid implementation for error correction codes within a non-volatile memory system. Sandisk, June 2, 2004: EP1424631-A1 (20 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for using different error correction code algorithms to encode and to decode contents of blocks within a non-volatile memory are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method for storing data within a non-volatile memory includes identifying a first bloc ...

Bahman Qawami
Chang Robert C, Qawami Bahman, Sabet Sharghi Farshid: Hybrid packaging for error correction code in nonvolatile memory system. Sandisk, June 10, 2004: JP2004-164634 (4 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To disclose a method and device for making use of different error correction code algorithm to code and decode contents of a block in a nonvolatile memory.SOLUTION: A phase of the method includes a step where a first block in which data are to be stored is identified and a step ...

Lan Gu
Gen Pei, Lanlan Gu, Nima Mokhlesi, Idan Alrod, Eran Sharon, Itshak Afriat: Identifying at-risk data in non-volatile storage. March 17, 2011: US20110063918-A1

The non-volatile storage system predicts which blocks (or other units of storage) will become bad based on performance data. User data in those blocks predicted to become bad can be re-programmed to other blocks, and the blocks predicted to become bad can be removed from further use.

Boaz Eitan: Two bit non-volatile electrically erasable and programmable semiconductor memory cell utilizing asymmetrical charge trapping. Saifun Semiconductors, Alan H MacPherson, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel, January 4, 2000: US06011725 (1121 worldwide citation)

A non-volatile electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM) capable of storing two bit of information having a nonconducting charge trapping dielectric, such as silicon nitride, sandwiched between two silicon dioxide layers acting as electrical insulators is disclosed. The invention ...

Sanjay Mehrotra, Eliyahou Harari, Winston Lee: Multi-state EEprom read and write circuits and techniques. Sundisk Corporation, Majestic Parsons Siebert & Hsue, December 15, 1992: US05172338 (1028 worldwide citation)

Improvements in the circuits and techniques for read, write and erase of EEprom memory enable non-volatile multi-state memory to operate with enhanced performance over an extended period of time. In the improved circuits for normal read, and read between write or erase for verification, the reading ...

Daniel C Guterman, Yupin Kawing Fong: Multi-state memory. Sandisk Corporation, Steven F Caserza, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, April 24, 2001: US06222762 (945 worldwide citation)

Maximized multi-state compaction and more tolerance in memory state behavior is achieved through a flexible, self-consistent and self-adapting mode of detection, covering a wide dynamic range. For high density multi-state encoding, this approach borders on full analog treatment, dictating analog tec ...

Tomoharu Tanaka, Gertjan Hemink: Multi-state EEPROM having write-verify control circuit. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, October 29, 1996: US05570315 (914 worldwide citation)

An EEPROM having a memory cell array in which electrically programmable memory cells are arranged in a matrix and each of the memory cells has three storage states, includes a plurality of data circuits for temporarily storing data for controlling write operation states of the plurality of memory ce ...

Jian Chen: Selective operation of a multi-state non-volatile memory system in a binary mode. SanDisk Corporation, Skjerven Morrill, September 24, 2002: US06456528 (690 worldwide citation)

A flash non-volatile memory system that normally operates its memory cells in multiple storage states is provided with the ability to operate some selected or all of its memory cell blocks in two states instead. The two states are selected to be the furthest separated of the multiple states, thereby ...

Jian Chen, Yupin Fong: High density non-volatile flash memory without adverse effects of electric field coupling between adjacent floating gates. SanDisk Corporation, Majestic Parsons Siebert & Hsue, February 2, 1999: US05867429 (497 worldwide citation)

Electric field coupling between floating gates of a high density flash EEPROM cell array has been found to produce errors in reading the states of the cells, particularly when being operated with more than two storage states per cell. The effect of this coupling is overcome by placing a conductive s ...