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A semiconductor memory device is constituted by a MOS transistor having a floating gate for storing data. An erase gate, a portion of which is under a part of the floating gate, is arranged on the MOS transistor to discharge electrons from the floating gate. The MOS transistors are arranged in a mat ...

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A single transistor electrically programmable and erasable memory cell is disclosed. The single transistor has a source, a drain with a channel region therebetween, defined on a substrate. A first insulating layer is over the source, channel and drain regions. A floating gate is positioned on top of ...

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A flash EEPROM cell array is erased by applying a zero reference voltage to the bulk substrate of the cell, a relatively high negative voltage to the control gate of the cell and a relatively low positive voltage to the source region of the cell. Because of a relatively low reverse voltage developed ...

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An electrically programmable and electrically erasable MOS memory device suitable for high density integrated circuit memories is disclosed. Carriers are tunneled between a floating conductive gate and a doped region in the substrate to program and erase the device. A minimum area of thin oxide (70 ...

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A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device comprising an array of cell units, each cell unit including at least one memory transistor which has a floating gate and a control gate, the array being divided into a plurality of memory blocks each having a certain number of cell units. A selected memory b ...

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A data processing system having a bus master and a memory which is capable of transferring operands in bursts of m in response to a burst request signal provided by the bus master, the operands being clustered modulo m about a selected access address provided by the bus master, where m is two (2) to ...

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The present invention relates to a semiconductor device having a semiconductor element which is sealed by a ceramic package, wherein a shielding member is provided near it from upper surface of the semiconductor element to shield the alpha-particles radiated from the package.

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In the disclosed memory, address decode means are integrated into a surface of a substrate, for addressing cells in the memory; an insulating layer covers the address decode means and the substrate; an array of spaced-apart memory cell select lines lie on the insulating layer; and outputs from the a ...

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An electrically programmable and eraseable memory element using source-side hot-electron injection. A semi-conductor substrate of a first conductivity type is provided with a source region and a drain region of opposite conductivity type and a channel region of the first conductivity type extending ...

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Nonvolatile, semiconductor random access memory cells comprising a static, RAM cell and a nonvolatile memory element which may be interconnected with the static random-access memory cell by capacitative coupling, such that the RAM cell contents may be directly copied to the nonvolatile element, and ...