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Knowledge based speech recognition apparatus and methods are provided for translating an input speech signal to text. The speech recognition apparatus captures an input speech signal, segments it based on the detection of pitch period, and generates a series of hypothesized acoustic feature vectors ...

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Systems and methods for improved speech acquisition are disclosed including a plurality of linearly arrayed sensors to detect spoken input and to output signals in response thereto, a beamformer connected to the sensors to cancel a preselected noise portion of the signals to thereby produce a proces ...

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A technique for wordspotting based on hidden Markov models (HMM's). The technique allows a speaker to specify keywords dynamically and to train the associated HMM's via a single repetition of a keyword. Non-keyword speech is modeled using an HMM trained from a prerecorded sample of continuous speech ...

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A computer system having speech recognition functionality, a display screen, a microphone, and a mouse having pointer and voice buttons. The voice button located on the mouse is used to turn the microphone "on" and "off". The voice button in conjunction with the mouse are used to signal the computer ...

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A system and method for automated task selection is provided where a selected task is identified from the natural speech of the user making the selection. The system and method incorporate the selection of meaningful phrases through the use of a test for significance. The selected meaningful phrases ...

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A method of repairing machine-recognized speech is comprised of the steps of receiving from a recognition engine a first n-best list of hypotheses and scores for each hypothesis generated in response to a primary utterance to be recognized. An error within the hypothesis having the highest score is ...

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A method and apparatus for searching for multimedia files in a distributed database and for displaying results of the search based on the context and content of the multimedia files.

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A system and method for deriving a large-span semantic language model for a large vocabulary recognition system is disclosed. The method and system maps words from a vocabulary into a vector space, where each word is represented by a vector. After the vectors are mapped to the space, the vectors are ...