Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas, Paul Boerger: Noise reduction in a system. Hewlett Packard Development Company, December 27, 2011: US08085948 (24 worldwide citation)

A system comprises a plurality of storage drives coupled to logic. The logic implements a noise-reducing feature selected from a group consisting of a first feature that limits system performance based on a level of ambient noise, a second feature that staggers access transactions among said storage ...

Elias Nemer
Wilfrid Paul LeBlanc, Elias Nemer: Method and system for modeling external volume changes within an acoustic echo canceller. Broadcom Corporation, Thomas Horstemeyer, February 4, 2014: US08644522 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and system are provided in which a device, such as an acoustic echo canceller, may reduce the residual echo that may be heard at the far end of a conversation when an external speaker volume is changed. The device may compute a gain based on an echo estimate produced by a filter and on a ne ...

William Tom Blank, Kevin M Schofield, Kirk O Olynyk, Robert G Atkinson, James David Johnston, Michael W Van Flandern: System and method for calibration of an acoustic system. Microsoft Corporation, Shook Hardy & Bacon, December 8, 2009: US07630501 (321 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a method and system for automatic calibration of an acoustic system. The acoustic system may include a source A/V device, calibration computing device, and multiple rendering devices. The calibration system may include a calibration component attached to each ren ...

Douglas Andrea, John Kowalski: Adaptive noise cancellation and speech enhancement system and apparatus therefor. Andrea Electronics Corporation, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, October 5, 1993: US05251263 (204 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a headset apparatus for use in an intercommunications system, the headset suppressing both noise in the vicinity of a transducer delivering sound to an operator's ear and in outgoing speech from the operator.

Michael J Suman: Prompting system for vehicle personalization. Prince Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, June 11, 1996: US05525977 (192 worldwide citation)

A personalization system for vehicles uses a CD player and a keyless entry transmitter. The CD player outputs audible prompting signals including accessory operation choices. The driver selects accessory operation by pressing the "LOCK" or "UNLOCK" switch on the keyless entry key fob following an as ...

Takayoshi Urano: Automatically up-dated apparatus for generating music. Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Oliff & Berridge, October 12, 1993: US05252775 (153 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an improved music-generating system for efficiently supplying newly available music data to a plurality of music-generating terminal units. The music-generating system includes a host unit and a plurality of music-generating terminal units, and works basically as follows. The ...

George Tunnell, Charles L Pomernacki, Jack P Gregg: Voice controlled welding system. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, February 3, 1987: US04641292 (150 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method are provided for permitting human voice control of a welding system. A human operator, remote from a welding power supply, uses a welding torch connected by a power line to the welding power supply. The human operator is provided with an audio transmitter which permits the opera ...

Larry J Eriksson: Active attenuation system with on-line modeling of speaker, error path and feedback pack. Nelson, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, June 30, 1987: US04677676 (140 worldwide citation)

An active acoustic attenuation system is provided that actively models direct and feedback paths as well as characteristics of the secondary cancelling sound source and the error path on an on-line basis. The primary model uses a recursive least mean squares RLMS algorithm that is excited by the inp ...

Liu James C: System and method for on-line multimedia access. Sun Microsystems, January 7, 1998: EP0817103-A2 (139 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method and system for providing access to multimedia content on-line which is updated virtually simultaneously with the vendor's update process. By a user accessing a page on the World Wide Web, for example, data (encrypted and unencrypted) and instructions are automatically downloade ...

Michael V Jamison: Acoustic horn and attachment device. Bernard A Reiter, Mark G Bocchetti, September 12, 1989: US04865159 (123 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an acoustic horn to aid in bulk powdered material handling particularly from trucks and railroad cars. Such acoustic horn is comprised of an external cone having a driver affix thereto. There is also an inverted internal cone contained within the external cone. There is a cylindrical th ...