Atid Shamaie: Detecting and tracking objects in images. GestureTek, Fish & Richardson P C, August 11, 2009: US07574020 (331 worldwide citation)

According to one disclosed method, coordinates in a multi-dimensional space are determined for an image point characterizing a particular object. An equation describing a model in the space is provided. The model is characteristic of a set of training images of one or more other objects. The coordin ...

David Odland, Kathryn Odland: Customized vehicle body. April 16, 2013: US08421811 (174 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a system and method for customizing the appearance of a vehicle. Users can display customized designs, colors or promotional information on the vehicle for free or on a fee basis. The system also allows users to use a detection device to detect the colors or patterns of oth ...

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A digital color image display device, includes a plurality of pixels, each pixel having a plurality of subpixels with at least one of the subpixels producing a color other than red, green or blue.

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Methods and apparatus are disclosed for sampling image data and mapping the samples to pixel sub-components which form a pixel element of an LCD display so that each pixel sub-component has a different portion of the image mapped thereto and at least one of the pixel sub-components has two or more s ...

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A variable color display system exhibits a display unit in a color in accordance with the value of a limit. The color signals are developed in accordance with the value of the limit and applied to a color control input of the display system to control its color substantially continuously.

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Methods and apparatuses for operating a portable device based on an accelerometer are described. According to one embodiment of the invention, an accelerometer attached to a portable device detects a movement of the portable device. In response, a machine executable code is executed within the porta ...

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Systems and techniques to implement augmented virtual environments. In one implementation, the technique includes: generating a three dimensional (3D) model of an environment from range sensor information representing a height field for the environment, tracking orientation information of image sens ...

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This invention is related to an automatic Gamma correction system in which a novel display driving circuitry is designed with a digital/analog converter (DAC), wherein the Gamma reference voltages as well as the corresponding gray-scale values are adjustable. Therefore, the present invention provide ...

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A graphics system including a custom graphics and audio processor produces exciting 2D and 3D graphics and surround sound. The system includes a graphics and audio processor including a 3D graphics pipeline and an audio digital signal processor. The graphics processor includes an embedded frame buff ...

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A filter structure is provided that facilitates the use of the filter as either a continuous delay Farrow filter or a selectable delay polyphase filter. The less complex polyphase filter is used when the desired scale substantially corresponds to a defined phase of the polyphase filter, or when time ...