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The present invention provides apparatus and methods for a multi-dimensional user interface for use in audio visual production. A display system including a central processing unit (CPU) is coupled through appropriate input/output (I/O) circuitry to input devices, such as a keyboard, digital pad and ...

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Methods and apparatus for data input. Devices are provided in accordance with this invention which utilize capacitive coupling of an object to the device to sense the object's position. The devices are comprised of a plurality of electrode strips which form virtual electrodes. The virtual electrodes ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for generating control signals for the manipulation of virtual objects in a computer system according to the gestures and positions of an operator's hand or other body part. The apparatus includes a glove worn on the hand which includes sensors for detecting the gestures of th ...

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A vertical gyroscope is adapted for use as a pointing device for controlling the position of a cursor on the display of a computer. A motor at the core of the gyroscope is suspended by two pairs of orthogonal gimbals from a hand-held controller device and nominally oriented with its spin axis vertic ...

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A number of improvements relating to methods and apparatuses for kidney dialysis are disclosed. These include checking of dialysate bypass status using flow measurement; using a flow sensor to confirm the absence of ultrafiltration during bypass; automatic testing of ultrafiltration function by remo ...

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A video game controller which attaches to the user's upper body allowing the user to play a video game by leaning the upper body in any direction, simulating the movement of a joystick. The controller attaches to the user's upper back with an arrangement of straps and buckles. The tilt of the user's ...

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A method and apparatus for developing an audible feedback in the form of a response signal to a tapping motion, a gesture or a series of taps or gestures on an electronic touch-sensitive computer input device which uses an electronic switch having no mechanical switch component. In particular, the p ...

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A membrane keyboard producing audible and tactile responses when individual character keys are depressed. To facilitate typing efficiency, the keyboard has membrane characters keys with different transverse heights and adjustable sensory responses.

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A three-dimensional mouse is disclosed for interfacing with a central processing unit. The mouse comprises a hand-held housing adapted to be used in free space. The housing has a generally vertical orientation relative to the user. A mechanism, mounted in the housing, is provided for locating the mo ...

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A data processing system includes a multipurpose data input device formed by a touch screen and a digitizing tablet integrated with one another which are activatable independently of each other by proper stimuli. The input device is integrated with a flat panel display in order to establish a visual ...