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A method of providing a monthly calendar view in a computer system uses either textual information or vertically stacked busy bars. If the textual information is utilized, the textual information includes a start time and a brief description of the event. The textual information is interactive allow ...

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A range imaging system, and a method for calibrating such a system are based on the principles of projective geometry. The system comprises four subsystems: (1) a laser and a cylindrical lens or vibrating mirror for producing a planar beam of light; (2) an electronic camera equipped with a lens and ...

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Ink jet ink compositions which comprise an aqueous carrier medium; a cationic dye; and a cationic polymer have excellent crusting behavior and kogation property and may be used with a variety of ink jet printers such as continuous, piezoelectric, drop-on-demand and thermal or bubble jet drop-on-dema ...

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A sequencing mechanism adapted to incrementally change the relative positions of two members that is activated by reciprocal movement of one of the members.

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A personalized calendar is provided comprising a plurality of pages printed/imaged with a tabular array of calendar units and at least one event reminder printed in an appropriate one of the calendar units. Preferably, the pages are bound together with a cover releasably sealable for mailing. A syst ...

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A coin handling apparatus for sorting and/or counting a plurality of coins (15a-h) has a circular sorting path with at least one off-sort station (6) and a rotatable carrier device (3) for transporting the coins along the circular sorting path. Furthermore, the apparatus has a first rotatable means ...

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A motivational product is provided in the form of a chart which has a plurality of rectangles defining consecutive days for daily motivational effect upon the user. Each rectangle is associated with a label which carries either an "action" for the day or a "thought" for the day. The combination of a ...

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Disclosed is a ball point ink pen, its ink and its eradicator. The ink is carried at one end of the pen and the eradicator portion is carried at the other. If an error is made, the pen can be reversed and the eradicator used to neutralize the ink. The ink also neutralizes the eradicator so that when ...

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A durable weather and corrosive environment resistant and tamper-proof data record tag having a durable backing member and an adhesive clear cover member, this cover member including a releasable separator sheet adhered thereto; a plurality of identical record form sheets, stacked or layered one upo ...

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This disclosure depicts an electronic timepiece having complementary electro-optical and electro-mechanical displays. The electro-mechanical time display displays continuously the hours and minutes of the day, the most used time functions. The electro-optical display is normally off and is activated ...