Brian Thomas
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A synthetic polymer based adhesive formulation that has properties substantially simulating selected properties of fibrin glue, and methods of making and using the same. The adhesive formulation includes a discrete acid solution and discrete base solution that when combined form a synthetic polymer ...

Stephen J Brown, Erik K Jensen: On-line health education and feedback system using motivational driver profile coding and automated content fulfillment. Health Hero Network, Lumen Intellectual Property Services, March 9, 1999: US05879163 (673 worldwide citation)

An automated system and method provides customized health education to an individual at a remote terminal to induce a modification in a health-related behavior of the individual. The automated system includes a questionnaire generator for questioning the individual to determine his or her motivation ...

Stephen J Brown: Online system and method for providing composite entertainment and health information. Health Hero Network, Lumen Intellectual Property Services, September 14, 1999: US05951300 (473 worldwide citation)

On-line health education includes displaying composites of personalized health content and patient-selected entertainment. Suitable sources of entertainment include generally available web pages and television programs. Composites are spatial (for page displays) or temporal (for image sequence displ ...

David C Hon: Expert system simulator for modeling realistic internal environments and performance. Gerald G Crutsinger, John F Booth, James O Dixon, March 13, 1990: US04907973 (462 worldwide citation)

A medical investigative system in which a person interacts with the system to interject information that is utilized by the system to establish non-restricted environmental modeling of the realities of surrogate conditions to be encountered with invasive or semi-invasive procedures. This is accompli ...

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A method and system for simulating medical procedures is presented. During an actual medical procedure, the actions of a medical instrument are measured and recorded. These actions are generated on a member representative of the medical instrument to simulate the actual medical procedure. Forces act ...

David Hon: Health education system. American Heart Association, Sigalos & Levine, November 23, 1982: US04360345 (313 worldwide citation)

A computer controlled interactive instruction system for teaching an individual comprising a peripheral having at least one sensor for producing a signal representing a function which has been or is to be manually performed by the individual, a first device for storing a sequence of signals represen ...

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A surgical simulator provides both visual and tactile feedback in order to realistically portray an actual surgical procedure. The visual feedback is provided through an SGI graphics computer which drives a monitor to display two images of an eye at slightly different perspectives. A set of optics, ...

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A virtual surgery system or virtual testing system provides a simulation or test based on image data. A simulator combined with a real exam requires simulation tasks by a test taker. Additionally, a surgical procedure may be simulated using image data of a patient in devices simulating the physical ...

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An interactive, computerized education system for teaching patient care includes an interactive computer program for use with a simulator, such as a manikin, and virtual instruments for performing simulated patient care activity under the direction of the program. The program displays a selection of ...

Marie Josephe Deshayes: Method for modelling cranio-facial architecture. Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, August 30, 1994: US05342202 (196 worldwide citation)

Process for modelling cranio-facial architecture on the basis of a lateral cephalometric X-ray by determining bony points and plotting analysis lines, measuring the angles and comparing them with thresholds and measuring the lengths and comparing the lengths with one another.