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A data handling system comprising a data transfer portion and a portable data token portion. The data transfer portion includes means for transferring data between the data token and a computer, data checking circuitry, means for transferring a validation character signal to the data token, and a pr ...

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The present invention relates to a method of transferring funds characterized in that it includes the steps of linking a first portable data storage and processing device to a first financial institution; debiting an account held at the financial institution and recording a corresponding credit valu ...

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An improved monetary system using electronic media to exchange economic value securely and reliably. The invention provides a complete monetary system having electronic money that is interchangeable with conventional paper money comprising (1) issuing banks or financial institutions that are coupled ...

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1. A method of producing a kinoform wherein the amplitude distribution function of a plurality of discrete picture elements of an image which is to be reproduced by the kinoform upon coherent irradiation, is established, recorded and converted by computer means into the associated phase distribution ...

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An automated article dispensing system, such as a vehicle service station, capable of dispensing goods in response to activation by an authorized holder of a credit card, and not requiring an attendant. The customer inserts the credit card into a control console and the identifying indicia from the ...

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A method and system to perform electronic value exchange and settlement among heterogeneous payment schemes with heterogeneous currencies. The method and system simultaneously enable electronic value exchange and denomination conversion. In an electronic exchange, the method and system determine the ...

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An information card for credit and accounting system having a monolithic or solid state memory for storage of information responsive to computer controlled systems.

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An identification system for identifying persons, articles, documents and the like using a coded hologram which contains the desired identifying indicia in coded holographic form. Encoding of the identifying indicia in the hologram is accomplished by means of a beam scrambler which introduces random ...