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Embodiments are directed to performing a transaction using a third party mobile wallet, performing a transaction using a third party point of sale (POS) system and to making a purchase from a third party mobile wallet provided by a third party mobile wallet provider. In one scenario, a cloud-based t ...

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Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for chopping up a gift card/code into smaller multiple gift card/codes. The system receives a request from a user to convert a closed-loop card/code having a value amount into two different closed-loop cards/codes and divides (or “chops up”) the closed-l ...

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The present invention provides techniques in connection with payment transactions. Techniques are included in which a non-merchant entity generates, stores, and provides to a merchant a token that can be stored and used by the merchant, for example, in place of a credit card number, in connection wi ...

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System, apparatus and methods for automatically calculating a discount for a customer offered by a merchant through a reservation system. In one example, a reservation file is provided and contains data relating to a reservation, and transaction data relating to payment card transactions is accessed ...

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A portable device is configured to transmit a first encrypted message to an account database server. The first encrypted message may comprise a request to get information about a financial account. The portable device receives a second encrypted message comprising the financial account information. ...

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[en] Method for use in a decentralized electronic transfer system, the method comprising the steps of: - Generating a first digital code representing a first transaction from a first user's secure repository to the first user's unsecure repository - Sending the digital code to a secure storage memor ...

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Methods and systems for messaging, calling, and one blink, one-touch, and one gesture payments and buying via mobile and wearable devices are disclosed. An exemplary system comprises a database in communication with a processor, the processor configured to provide a haptic control associated with th ...

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A method for notifying a user about traffic including the step of determining an origin of the user. A destination of the user is also determined. Traffic conditions between the origin and the destination are determined. The user is notified of the traffic conditions.

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The present invention provides a solution to the needs described above through a system and method for a wireless universal mobile product interface (WUMPI). Generally, products/objects have their own interface, or man-machine-interface (MMI). Technically, the wireless universal mobile product inter ...

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In some examples, a computerized sanction screening system may include an automated system for collection of sanction information, and a routine for analyzing additional available data related to sanction information entities. The system may also include an automated analysis summary routine for cre ...