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A hybrid motion tracker captures the motion of a person. Magnetic field sensors and optical sources are placed on a person, each located on different limbs. A fixed transmitter emits electromagnetic energy and infrared light is transmitted from the optical light sources to the fixed optical sensors. ...

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Methods and devices for dynamically assigning document parameters to output receptacles of multiple output receptacle document evaluating devices. Documents are directed into individual output receptacles based upon their document parameter or parameters. For example, according to one embodiment a c ...

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A mouseless, optical and position translation type screen pointer control images a portion of the texture or fingerprint on one of the user's digits, which may be a thumb or a finger. Motion of the digit produces motion of the image that is detected by a movement sensor and is translated into corres ...

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A banknote account and arrangement apparatus includes a supply portion for supplying a bundle of banknotes in the apparatus one after another, a discrimination circuit for discriminating denomination, face, fitness, authenticity, and the like of the supplied banknotes, temporary stackers in which th ...

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A currency handling system adapted to accommodate currencies of any denomination or type without having been pre-programmed with data representative of the denominations or types. The currency handling system is capable of generating such data internally, by scanning a set of master currency bills t ...

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A cartridge housing contains a semi-conductor or memory for storing digital information which may be accessed by an external device for display on a screen. The cartridge includes a counting circuit for counting the number of times the cartridge is used and a display for exhibiting the count.

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A method of countng a succession of sheets passing along a flow line (the sheets being normally spaced but including some overlapping sheets), comprises determining the position of a double thickness in relation to the total length of the sheet in the flow direction. A count of two is added to the c ...

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A discriminating apparatus for a bill counting machine having a holder (1) for holding a stack of bills (S) and suction heads (5) for sucking the bills from the holder and turning over the bills one by one, includes a light projector for emitting a ray of light onto a specified area on the surface o ...

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A reflection-type photoelectric proximity detector and switch is capable of detecting the incremental and binary proximity of a finger through several layers of glass, cancelling out extraneous reflections and stray sources of radiation. The circuitry includes a modulated infrared emitter, an infrar ...

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The label generation apparatus of this invention enables the user to define a label of various sizes, shapes and characteristics, wherein each label in a series of labels includes unique indicia that individually identify each label according to any predefined sequence. These labels also contain tem ...