Olivier Avaro
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The invention concerns a method for interpolating images by means of triangulation and geometrical transformation, wherein a triangulation of images and an estimation of movements of apexes is carried out to insert images sub-sampled temporally or steroscopically.

Jeffrey L Edwards: Method and apparatus for performing a clean background subtraction. Electric Planet, Van Pelt & Yi, June 25, 2002: US06411744 (375 worldwide citation)

A background subtraction apparatus of the present invention includes a key point locator for locating key points on a known object type, a boundary point locator for locating boundary points of the known object that make up the edges of the known object, and an edge processor for processing the edge ...

Gabriel Jakobson, Steven Rueben: Displaying content associated with electronic mapping systems. July 16, 2013: US08490025 (342 worldwide citation)

Various methods, systems and apparatus for displaying alternate content in a digital mapping system, are disclosed. One such method may include detecting a change in a zoom level of an electronic map displaying geographic content (e.g. tile-based digital map, satellite image, etc.) on a computing de ...

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A system and method for accurately mapping between image coordinates and geo-coordinates, called geo-spatial registration. The system utilizes the imagery and terrain information contained in the geo-spatial database to precisely align geodetically calibrated reference imagery with an input image, e ...

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A system and method for reading a two-dimensional image, and for comparing the two-dimensional image to stored data representative of a known image. The optical scanning device comprises a sensor for capturing the two-dimensional image, which sensor includes an LED array for projecting an emitted li ...

Jeffrey S Coffin, Darryl Ingram: Facial recognition system for security access and identification. Laubscher & Laubscher, November 23, 1999: US05991429 (245 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for identifying individuals for the purposes of determining clearance access or surveillance is characterized by enrolling an image of a person's face either voluntarily or secretly to be later used for comparison when the person voluntarily desires clearance or is covertly de ...

Philip S Green: Method for telemanipulation with telepresence. SRI International, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, May 20, 1997: US05631973 (242 worldwide citation)

In a telemanipulation system for manipulating objects located in a workspace at a remote worksite by an operator from an operator's station, such as in a remote surgical system, the remote worksite having a manipulator with an end effector for manipulating an object at the workspace, such as a body ...

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An ultrasonic imaging system includes an ultrasonic transducer having an image data array and a tracking array at each end of the image data array. The tracking arrays are oriented transversely to the image data array. Images from the image data array are used to reconstruct a three-dimensional repr ...

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An image processing apparatus for tracking faces in an image stream iteratively receives an acquired image from the image stream potentially including one or more face regions. The acquired image is sub-sampled at a specified resolution to provide a sub-sampled image. An integral image is then calcu ...

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The light intensity values of a first and second image are stored in a memory as pixels. A transformation from the second image to a derived image is perforated by a spline function in cooperation with a spline control grid. The spline control grid has a plurality of control vertices at predetermine ...