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A plastic smart card, such as a card having a radio frequency identification (RFID) proximity function, including at least one electronic element embedded therein and a physical contact card function and the hot lamination process for the manufacture of this dual function smart card and other plasti ...

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Smart cards having high quality external surfaces can be made through use of a primer/adhesive (and, optionally, anchor hooks) on the lower surface of an electrical component in order to affix said electrical component to a thermosetting material that becomes the core layer of said cards.

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A low cost radio frequency identification tag is provided for attaching to and identifying objects such as, for example, a passenger's luggage. The tag is programmed to contain information such as the origin, destination, and name of a passenger accompanying the luggage. This information is programm ...

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A laminated label has a first conductive material defining electrical attachment pads; a dielectric material surrounding the attachment pads; a second conductive material deposited on the dielectric material and forming an antenna electrically connected to the attachment pads. A layer of expandable ...

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A system for noncontact transfer of information between an IC card and a card reader/writer, wherein the IC card and the card reader/writer each comprises an IC chip having a logic circuit and at least one electromagnetically inductive coil for transfer of information integrated therein. A power sup ...

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A card-like electronic apparatus comprises a core member an electronic assembly, an upper cover, and a lower cover. The core member includes a frame having an accommodation section for accommodating the electronic assembly, and a thick portion protruding from the frame. The electronic assembly is ar ...

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The present invention is directed to an improved card structure, which employs at least two polyester layers and is useful as, e.g., a credit card, shopping card, pre-paid card, identification card, or the like. An additional feature is a card which has a metal foil appearance. The card is formed by ...