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A fire control system for vehicle or tank control that provides a high first hit probability. The system is highly stable because of a sampling concept and is highly accurate because of the handling of nonstandard conditions. Reliable operation is provided for a moving tank or target, or both, and f ...

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A gun fire control system for pointing a gun at rapidly moving targets such as an aircraft is disclosed. The system comprises a vibration isolated control unit including a gunner's sight assembly which is provided with line of sight indicating instrumentation and uses common optical elements both fo ...

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A ballistic computer comprising a first section for computing the ballistic levation angle signal by the mechanization of a power series as a function of target range, the selected ammunition type, and variations in firing conditions from standard values; and a second section for computing a time of ...

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A gun is described in which a gun barrel and a gun sight are mounted for movement together in deploying the gun in azimuth and in elevation under the action of servo drive means. A tracking unit is provided to control the servo drive means, which may comprise separate servo motors for rotating an up ...

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A system for controlling the trajectory of a moving body such as an aircraft or missile moving in the vicinity of one or more relevant objects which may be moving or stationary. The trajectory is required to fulfil certain imperatives such that the body following it either avoids the relevant object ...

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In combination with a Tank Fire Control Computer, comparators and logic for isolating faults in the system to a particular unit.

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A computer circuit for generating signals related to the ballistics of a plurality of projectile or ammunition types, the signals including time of flight, superelevation, and ballistics drift signals. The computer includes a plurality of parallel channels, and a first adjustable operational amplifi ...

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An angular rate bombing system (ARBS) which utilizes angular rate and angle easurements from an automatic target tracker, pitch and roll information from a standard vertical gyro, true airspeed data and angle of attack information to compute an azimuth lead angle to release ordnance at the correct e ...


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Dispositif de calcul pour le pointage sur cible mobiles horizontalement, permettant d'obtenir et d'utiliser le curseur angulaire au cours du pointage.