Ugochukwu Njoku
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Notification of hardware actions to be taken responsive to hardware events is facilitated. An operating system coupled, but external to, the hardware notifies firmware of the hardware action to be taken.

Vincent Le Chevalier
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An application gateway enables controlled communication between application components within a browser based environment while maintaining a level of isolation of the individual application components. A dispatching API wrapper and a listening API wrapper are registered for each of a plurality of a ...

Sagy Pundak Mintz
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Management of transaction message flow utilizing a transaction message queue. The system and method are for use in financial transaction messaging systems. The system is designed to enable an administrator to monitor, distribute, control and receive alerts on the use and status of limited network an ...

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A virtual machine monitor (VMM) is included in a computer system that has a protected host operating system (HOS). A virtual machine running at least one application via a virtual operating system is connected to the VMM. Both the HOS and the VMM have separate operating contexts and disjoint address ...

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A conversational computing system that provides a universal coordinated multi-modal conversational user interface (CUI) (10) across a plurality of conversationally aware applications (11) (i.e., applications that “speak” conversational protocols) and conventional applications (12). The conversationa ...

Luc Julia, Adam Cheyer: Using a community of distributed electronic agents to support a highly mobile, ambient computing environment. SRI International Offices, Perkins Coie, April 25, 2006: US07036128 (275 worldwide citation)

A highly mobile, ambient computing environment is disclosed for serving a knowledge worker away from the their desk. The present invention allows a knowledge worker to get increased leverage from personal, networked, and interactive computing devices while in their car, airplane seat, or in a confer ...

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A single integrated circuit chip interfaces device control circuitry of a device to a client machine via a computer network. The chip comprises an internal data bus; a central processing unit connected to the internal data bus; an internal memory connected to the internal data bus; a device interfac ...

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A highly flexible, software-based architecture is disclosed for supporting cooperative task completion by flexible, dynamic configurations of autonomous electronic agents. Communications and cooperation between agents are brokered by one or more facilitators. The facilitators employ strategic reason ...

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An object runtime architecture allows method invocations to be made on either a synchronous, real-time basis or a queued basis using the normal call semantics of an object model. The object runtime architecture provides a proxy of an object with a method invocation recorder for receiving method call ...

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This invention involves user mode proxy of kernel mode operations in a computer operating system. The broad contours of the invention allow drivers operating in the kernel mode of an operating system to be proxied by a corresponding user mode object. A user mode process wishing to communicate with o ...