Purushotham Kola
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A framework (referred to herein as Application Integration Architecture, or AIA) that formalizes and orchestrates activities in an SOA development lifecycle. In one set of embodiments, AIA can capture development-related information in a shared data store and cause the information to flow in an auto ...

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A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for collaborative installation management in a network-based supply chain environment. According to an embodiment of the invention, telephone calls, data and other multimedia information are routed through a network system which includes trans ...



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A method and apparatus for automatically updating software components in one or more agents (end systems) in a network. An ASU server generates a multicast request to agents within its network domain, identifying the newest, available versions of software components that may be installed on the agen ...

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The identity of an operating system running on a computer is determined from an identity associated with an initial component for the operating system, combined with identities of additional components that are loaded afterwards. Loading of a digital rights management operating system on a subscribe ...

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A method and system to automatically locate, download, verify, install, register and display computer software components from a computer network like the Internet or an intranet. The method and system is used to provide dynamic or interactive multimedia components in HTML documents with HTML tags. ...

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A software package manager uses a distribution unit containing components for a software package and a manifest file that describes the distribution unit to manage the installation, execution, and uninstallation of software packages on a computer. Information in the manifest file pertaining to a sof ...

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Provided is a method and mechanism for automating updating of computer programs. Conventionally, computer programs have been distributed on a recording medium for users to install on their computer systems. Each time fixes, additions and new versions for the programs were developed, a new CD or disk ...

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A method and system for downloading software update data for installing a revised software product on a client computer minimizes the amount of update data to be transmitted over the network by downloading only those files needed to put the client computer in the state for installing the product. In ...