Vincent Le Chevalier
Vincent Le Chevalier, Charles F Geiger: Enhancing automated terms listings in HTML document publishing based on user searches. Chegg, Fenwick & West, August 25, 2015: US09116865

A terms listing production system generates a terms listing associated with an electronic document. Primary terms and primary definitions may be extracted from a glossary associated with the electronic document. Secondary terms may be identified based on user searches in relation to the electronic d ...

Vincent Edward Von Bokern, Purushottam Goel, Sven Schrecker, Ned McArthur Smith: Hardware-based device authentication. McAfee, Patent Capital Group, February 10, 2015: US08955075 (146 worldwide citation)

An opportunity for a computing device to participate in a secure session with a particular domain is identified. A secured microcontroller of the computing device is used to identify a secured, persistent seed corresponding to the particular domain and stored in secured memory of the computing devic ...

James S Lin: Methods and devices for authentication and data encryption. Western Digital Technologies, August 26, 2014: US08819443 (43 worldwide citation)

A storage device comprises a non-volatile storage media and a processor that is operative to receive, via an interface with one or more host devices, a first entered password needed for accessing data stored in the non-volatile storage media, generate a first number, combine the first entered passwo ...

Russell Speight VanBlon, Alan Ladd Painter, Axel Ramirez Flores, Jennifer Greenwood Zawacki: Wearable device authentication and operation. Lenovo, Kunzler Law Group, March 14, 2017: US09594443 (19 worldwide citation)

For wearable device authentication and operation, code authenticates the wearable device to an electronic device. In addition, the code performs a wearable device operation in response to an operation command from the electronic device.

Selim Aissi: Method and apparatus for secure application execution. Visa International Service Association, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, April 19, 2016: US09317689 (18 worldwide citation)

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media are described for securely installing, executing and/or migrating a security sensitive application in a trusted execution environment on a mobile device. For example, techniques described herein allow a mobile device to verify the operating ...

Timothy Allen Wagner, Dylan Chandler Thomas, Ajay Nair: Security protocols for low latency execution of program code. Amazon Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 8, 2017: US09727725 (13 worldwide citation)

A system for providing security mechanisms for secure execution of program code is described. The system may be configured to maintain a plurality of virtual machine instances. The system may be further configured to receive a request to execute a program code and allocate computing resources for ex ...

Christine E Kuo, David E Kuo, Hui Hsin Wu, James S Kuo: Method and apparatus for asynchronous dynamic password. September 9, 2014: US08832807 (12 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for computer-based or mobile-device-based electronic generation and verification of dynamic password, or one-time-password (OTP), that does not require initial synchronization, nor re-synchronization, between a client OTP generator and the corresponding OTP server, is provided. ...

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The embodiments of the present disclosure disclose an authentication method, a system, a server, and a user node are disclosed herein. The method includes: generating, by a server, a server session key according to the identity information, at least one login information parameter, and the validity ...

Jacob Grundtvig Refstrup: Authenticating a replaceable printer component. Hewlett Packard Development Company, September 22, 2015: US09141816 (11 worldwide citation)

A replaceable printer component includes a first memory device and a communication link. The first memory device is configured to store a first secret. The communication link is configured to communicatively link the first memory device to a printer controller when the replaceable printer component ...

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A method is provided for a dynamic trust score for evaluating ongoing online relationships. By considering a plurality of user data variables and using validation data from internal and external database sources, a trust score with a high degree of confidence may be provided for establishing and ver ...