Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Philip M Walker, Fred Charles Thomas, Greg J Lipinski: Automatic Firewall Configuration. Hewlett Packard Company, December 23, 2010: US20100325718-A1

One embodiment of a gateway router is equipped to recognize a trustworthy local server automatically, and to accept certain incoming connections to a local server that the router has recognized as trustworthy.

Bahman Qawami
SHARGHI FARSHID SABET, JOGAND COULOMB FABRICE, QAWAMI BAHMAN: Methods and apparatuses for binding content to a separate memory device, Verfahren und Vorrichtungen zum Binden von Inhalt an eine separate Speichervorrichtung, Procédés et appareils pour lier le contenu à un dispositif mémoire séparé. SANDISK, January 25, 2012: EP2410456-A1

A method for accessing content is provided. In the method, information from a first memory device is retrieved. A parameter is generated based on the information and an account on a second memory device is accessed based on the parameter. The second memory device is configured to store the content a ...

Joel Rosenberger: System and method for wireless local area network monitoring and intrusion detection. Wimetrics Corporation, Christensen O Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC, March 4, 2008: US07340768 (190 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system and method for providing real-time wireless network monitoring and intrusion detection. The present invention profiles wireless devices and maintains a database of known/authorized wireless device profiles. Wireless devices are analyzed to determine the threat ...

Michael C Pak, Victor Kouznetsov: Delayed-delivery quarantining of network communications having suspicious contents. McAfee, Zilka Kotab PC, Christopher J Hamaty, July 18, 2006: US07080408 (190 worldwide citation)

A system, method and computer program product are provided for network-based scanning for potentially malicious content. Incoming and/or outgoing network communications traveling over a network are monitored, preferably at a gateway. Potentially malicious content in the network communications is ide ...

Kristen L Matlock: Device for and method of wireless intrusion detection. The United States States of America represented by the Director of the National Security Agency, Robert D Morelli, November 29, 2011: US08069483 (177 worldwide citation)

A device for and method of detecting intrusion into a wireless network that includes a configuration file, a rules files, a main processor, a set packet processor, an initialize preprocessor, a parse rules file, an interface thread unit, a process packet unit, a decoder, a preprocess unit connected ...

Smith Jeffrey C, Bandini Jean Christophe: Document delivery system. Tumbleweed Software, October 7, 1998: EP0869652-A2 (157 worldwide citation)

A document delivery system delivers an electronic document between a sending computer (16) and a receiving computer (22). A server (12) is interposed between the sending computer (l6) and the receiving computer (22). When an electronic document is forwarded to the server (12) from the sending comput ...

Abraham Dennis George, Aden Steven George, Arnold Todd Weston, Neckyfarow Steven William, Rohland William Stanley: Transaction system security method and apparatus.. Ibm, April 10, 1991: EP0421409-A2 (155 worldwide citation)

An improved security system is disclosed which uses especially an IC card to enhance the security functions involving component authentication, user verification, user authorization and access control, protection of message secrecy and integrity, management of cryptographic keys, and auditablity. Bo ...

David Izatt: Undetectable firewall. Arxceo Corporation, David E Mixon, Bradley Arant Rose & White, August 29, 2006: US07100201 (142 worldwide citation)

An undetectable firewall for network protection has been developed. The invention includes a method of preventing unauthorized access to a computer system. The firewall receives a data packet and copies its contents exactly. Next, the firewall analyzes the data packet and determines if it is authori ...


Furuyuma Hiroshi, Nagao Kenji, Yamada Shin, Akimoto Toshiaki: Information terminal apparatus and authenticating system. Matsushita Electric, August 7, 2002: EP1229496-A2 (137 worldwide citation)

Provided are an input unit for inputting the physical information of a user, a physical-information confirming unit for displaying the input physical information and an authenticating unit for authenticating a previously registered user on the basis of the input physical information. The physical-in ...