Bahman Qawami
Robert C Chang, Bahman Qawami, Farshid Sabet Sharghi, Sergey Yudin: Power management block for use in a non-volatile memory system. SanDisk Corporation, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, October 5, 2010: US07809962 (9 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for enabling a power up process of a non-volatile memory to occur efficiently are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method for utilizing a memory system that has a non-volatile memory with at least one reserved memory area includes providing power t ...

William H. Gates III
William H Gates III, Gary W Flake, James R Larus, Debi P Mishra, Chandramohan A Thekkath, Raymond E Ozzie, Lili Cheng, Nishant V Dani, Daniel S Glasser, Alexander G Gounares, Henricus Johannes Maria Meijer, Amit Mital, Ira L Snyder Jr: State replication. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, March 16, 2010: US07680908 (21 worldwide citation)

The claimed subject matter provides systems and/or methods that facilitate replicating a state associated with a client, user, service, application, and the like. A third party service provider can support any number of services that can be concurrently requested by several clients without user perc ...

Alfred Chan, Marc B Kekicheff, Joel M Weise, David C Wentker: System and method for a multi-application smart card which can facilitate a post-issuance download of an application onto the smart card. Visa International Service Association, Beyer Weaver & Thomas, May 15, 2001: US06233683 (221 worldwide citation)

The embodiments of the present invention teaches a system and method which allows card issuers to securely add applications during the lifetime of the card after the card has already been issued (post issuance). The system and method according to embodiments of the present invention allows the loadi ...

Alan J Black, Alain S Rossmann, Christophe Francois: Method for generating and distributing telecom and internet revenue. Openwave Systems, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, June 22, 2004: US06754833 (218 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a business model and method for generating and distributing Telecom and Internet revenue between a wireless network operator and an Internet Partner company. The inventive business model provides an Internet web-site for the carrier's subscribers, with the w ...

Pablo M Calamera, Jay D Logue, Joseph D Ternasky: System for generating site-specific user aliases in a computer network. WebTV Networks, Workman Nydegger & Seeley, October 8, 2002: US06463533 (208 worldwide citation)

An system for allowing a computer network site to recognize an anonymous user without revealing the identity of the user. The system involves generating a user alias based on the user's identity and the computer network site such that it is computationally difficult to determine the user's ...

Robert L Geiger, Jyh Han Lin, Rajiv Mehta: Secure wireless electronic-commerce system with wireless network domain. Motorola, Hisashi D Watanabe, Hugh C Dunlop, October 8, 2002: US06463534 (205 worldwide citation)

A method of conducting transactions in a wireless electronic commerce system, where the system comprises a wireless network operator certification authority (

Karen Ruth Kluttz, Sandeep Kishan Singhal: Methods, systems and computer program products for multi-level encryption. International Business Machines Corporation, A Bruce Clay Esq, Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec P A, July 22, 2003: US06598161 (190 worldwide citation)

Methods, systems and computer program products are provided which encrypt a document by dividing the document into at least a first portion having a first security level and a second portion having a second security level. The document is then encrypted utilizing at least two encryption keys so as t ...

Marco A DeMello, Pavel Zeman, Vinay Krishnaswamy, Frank D Byrum: Server for an electronic distribution system and method of operating same. Microsoft Corporation, Woodcock Washburn, May 16, 2006: US07047411 (189 worldwide citation)

A server architecture for a digital rights management system that distributes and protects rights in content. The server architecture includes a retail site which sells content items to consumers, a fulfillment site which provides to consumers the content items sold by the retail site, and an activa ...

Mark Charles Davis, David G Kuehr McLaren, Timothy Glenn Shoriak: Extending SSL to a multi-tier environment using delegation of authentication and authority. International Business Machines Corporation, Gregory M Doudnikoff, Marcia L Doubet, April 2, 2002: US06367009 (186 worldwide citation)

A method, system, and computer-readable code for delegating authority and authentication from a client to a server in order that the server can establish a secure connection (using SSL or an analogous security protocol) to a back-end application on behalf of the client. This enables the true client& ...

Jose Alberto Tello: Modified computer motherboard security and identification system. Codex Technologies, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, October 8, 2002: US06463537 (185 worldwide citation)

A ‘personalized’ computer with a unique encrypted digital signature which will not boot up or recognize any data storage or communication peripheral devices without a matching ‘personalized’ smart card containing a complementary encrypted digital signature. A modified BIOS (Basic Input Output System ...