Vincent Le Chevalier Vincent Le Chevalier
Vincent Le Chevalier, John Rivlin, Brady Duga, Garth Conboy, William Leshner, Ruze Richards, Emilio Rojas: Electronic paper display device event tracking. Hunton & Williams, December 9, 2010: US20100313161-A1

A system for and method for tracking events occurring on an electronic paper display device is presented. The system and method may include detecting an event occurring at the electronic paper display device, identifying the event and a status of the electronic paper display device, wherein the iden ...

Jack Hao
Jack Jianxiu Hao, Guillermo Ortiz, Heath Stallings, John P Valdez, Wei Xia, Joseph M Geiger: Smart home device management. Verizon Patent and Licensing, February 12, 2013: US08375118 (51 worldwide citation)

A mobile communication device receives information associated with multiple home devices, and generates, based on the home device information, a connected home dashboard that includes a home device item, a modes item, a monitoring item, a security item, and a notifications item. The mobile communica ...

Randy Ekl
Surender Kumar, Mark A Birchler, Randy L Ekl, Thomas C Hill, Michael D Kotzin, Whay Chiou Lee, Peggy K Matson, Peter J Stanforth: Method and system for incentive-based ad hoc networking. Motorola, Barbara R Doutre, August 31, 2010: US07788387 (9 worldwide citation)

A system (100) and method (300) for mesh/ad hoc participation is provided. The method can include providing (310) an incentive to a user operating a device in an ad hoc network and determining (320) network resources associated with providing the incentive. The method can establish a credit system f ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Jennifer B Brown, Paul T Dimarzio, Timothy Durniak, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Optimizing it infrastructure configuration. International Business Machines Corporation, John R Pivnichny, Law Office of Jim Boice, July 2, 2013: US08478879 (5 worldwide citation)

A computer implemented method optimizes a configuration of an information technology (IT) infrastructure. A processor establishes a technology rule set, which defines technology weights of an IT infrastructure by mapping capabilities of IT infrastructure components to IT infrastructure attributes ne ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Marcos Dias De Assuncao, James R Kraemer, Fernando Luiz Koch, Marco Aurelio Stelmar Netto: System, method and program product for local client device context-aware shared resource and service management. International Business Machines Corporation, Law Office of Charles W Peterson Jr, Louis J Percello Esq, March 18, 2014: US08676985 (3 worldwide citation)

A system context aware resource management, method of managing shared resources and services and a computer program product therefor. Client devices, e.g., handheld or mobile devices, request resources from provider computers, e.g., in a cloud environment. The provider computers provide cloud-based ...

Randy Ekl
Mark P Zollner, Randy L Ekl: Optimized dynamic system restart sequence for a wide area communication system. Motorola, Steven R Santema, Indira Saladi, March 27, 2007: US07197552 (2 worldwide citation)

Methods for determining a optimized restart sequence for sites, communication devices and/or zones are disclosed. A rule based criteria is determined for prioritizing sites (102) is determined by a zone controller (126), in one embodiment, by downloading from a network manager (128). Based on the cr ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert L Angell, David W Cosby, Richard J Dalle Molle, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer, Edward S Suffern: Routing incoming messages at a blade chassis. International Business Machines Corporation, John R Pivnichny, Law Office of Jim Boice, April 15, 2014: US08700764

A pass-through module in a blade chassis receives an incoming message that utilizes a transmission protocol from one of multiple transmission protocols. The pass-through module determines which of the multiple transmission protocols is used by the incoming message by: comparing a physical component ...

Su Liu
Su Liu, Shunguo Yan: Budget Management in a Compute Cloud. International Business Machines Corporation, December 22, 2011: US20110313902-A1

A mechanism is provided for managing a budget for a customer in a compute cloud. A cloud budget manager calculates charges for usage of compute cloud resources by each of the customer's services associated with the customer from a beginning of a time period to a current time thereby forming calculat ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert L Angell, Timothy Durniak, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Comparing utility and warranty of services. International Business Machines Corporation, May 5, 2011: US20110106722-A1

An invention for comparing utility and warranty of services in an information (IT) stack is provided. Embodiments of this invention are directed to comparing utility and warranty of services in an information technology (IT) stack comprising a plurality of layers, at least one of the plurality of la ...

Peter A. Bouchard
Anthony J Franceschelli, Jeffrey S Phillips, Peter Bouchard, Serena Doyle: Backup Reporting Framework Graphical User Interface. Emc Corporation, c o DALY CROWLEY MOFFORD & DURKEE, June 5, 2008: US20080134050-A1

A backup reporting framework Graphical User Interface (GUI) comprises a combination of components that make it possible to display a Reporting GUI to the customer on the customer's desktop. The framework includes three main components, a server component, a wag-server middleware component, and a mon ...