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On the World Wide Web, and other interactive media, it is possible to show different ads to different people who are simultaneously viewing the same content. This invention is based on the fact that people who have shown a tendency for similar likes and dislikes in the past will show a tendency for ...

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A user-friendly on-line computerized system operates in real-time thus streamlining the processing of applications for products and services offered by a financial institution. The system automates many steps in the credit and liability review and approval process, performs background credit worthin ...

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A system and method are disclosed for integrating an on-line service community with a foreign service such as the Internet World Wide Web. To take advantage of the present invention, on-line service subscribers access a membership module to complete a membership process in which they join communitie ...

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An Internet system for delivering information about products from the source of those products, typically the manufacturer, to those who need that information, such as product resellers and consumers. The system employs a product code translator, which may be implemented by one or more servers acces ...

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Network Distributed Caches ("NDCs") (50) permit accessing a named dataset stored at an NDC server terminator site (22) in response to a request submitted to an NDC client terminator site (24) by a client workstation (42). In accessing the dataset, the NDCs (50) form a NDC data conduit (62) that prov ...

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A new computer interface displays a plurality of icons representative of people, documents and time. Various functions, including media independent functions, for interacting between these three elements, including composing, routing (collaborative or otherwise), are disclosed.

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The system and method of this invention authorizes a process running at a client data processing system to have access to a service at a server data processing system. The data processing systems are connected by a communication link in a distributed processing environment. A set of credentials for ...

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