Erkin B. Nurgaliov
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Erkin B. Nurgaliov
叶尔肯・拜山: 头控鼠标. 叶尔肯・拜山, 张岱, 北京中伟智信专利商标代理事务所, August 24, 2011: CN201120018077.3


Steven Jobs
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The various methods and devices described herein relate to devices which, in at least certain embodiments, may include at least one mechanical switch for user to select a user profile interface setting and at least one processor for causing the device to respond to the mechanical switch. The mechani ...

Steven Jobs
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Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for presenting user interface elements. A first page of one or more user interface elements is presented on a touch-sensitive display. Each of the user interface elements corresponds to a respective application. A gesture performe ...

Steven Jobs
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A portable multifunction device displays a first user interface object and a second user interface object on a touch screen display. Upon detecting a finger-down event at the first user interface object and one or more finger-dragging events on the touch screen display, the device moves the first us ...

Steven Jobs
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A computer-implemented method performed at a portable multifunction device with a touch screen display includes displaying a multiweek calendar on the touch screen display, detecting a contact on an individual day in the multiweek calendar, and displaying at least a portion of a list of events on th ...

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A panel positioned over the face of a cathode-ray tube with transmitters mounted along two adjacent edges of the panel to generate beams, either Rayleigh wave beams or light beams, that propagate through the panel to detectors mounted along opposite panel edges. The beams are directed to intersect i ...