James Kraemer Ph.D.
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A method for making an inference based on cumulative data. The method utilizes video, audio, and biometric devices to observe a retail environment for the presence of a customer. Once a customer is present, the method identifies every cohort to which the customer corresponds. Next, the method observ ...

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A patient identification system for relating items with patients and ensuring that an identified item corresponds to an identified patient. The patient identification system includes a computer system (42) interconnected to a plurality of remote terminals (62) by conventional telephone wiring (66, 7 ...

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A system for automatically detecting and recognizing the identity of a deformable object such as a human face, within an arbitrary image scene. The system comprises an object detector implemented as a probabilistic DBNN, for determining whether the object is within the arbitrary image scene and a fe ...

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A vehicle primarily for unmanned operation is equipped with a video camera pointed up, and progressively records in an on-board computer memory the observed locations of points derived from overhead features such as pre-existing overhead lights in a building during a manually driven teaching mode tr ...

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Apparatus and method which provides for the determination of a vehicle's orientation and position in an environment, such as a hallway, from an image of ceiling lights. A mobile robot 10 includes a camera 12 that is pitched up obliquely at an intermediate angle between a horizon and a zenith. The ca ...

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A system and method for generating context vectors for use in storage and retrieval of documents and other information items. Context vectors represent conceptual relationships among information items by quantitative means. A neural network operates on a training corpus of records to develop relatio ...

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A system and method for prediction of a user goal for command/control of a personal device (e.g., mobile phone) is provided. The system employs statistical model(s) that can predict a command based, at least in part, on past user behavior (e.g., probability distribution over a set of predicates, and ...

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The present invention relates to various apparatus, algorithms and methods for acquiring and processing images of a scene. Details of various aspects of the associated images are identified and may be utilized to generate various vehicular equipment control signals.

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An input device, in particular for a medical monitoring system, comprises a keyboard, a screen and a control processor. The keyboard comprises various hardkeys enabling access to an object mode in which the user may enter an object to be manipulated. Once an object is selected, the device enters a t ...

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A system and method for enhancing knowledge discovery from data using multiple learning machines in general and multiple support vector machines in particular. Training data for a learning machine is pre-processed in order to add meaning thereto. Pre-processing data may involve transforming the data ...