Control of broadcast radio and television receivers. British Broadcasting, June 11, 1980: GB2034995-A (201 worldwide citation)

A television or, as shown, radio receiver (10) is provided with a light pen (12) capable of reading bar codes in a broadcasting periodical (18), these codes then being applied to a store (30) in the receiver. The programme codes comprise a station reference number and a time indication. When the tim ...

Heller Arthur Dipl Ing: Device for automatically switching on and off the recording mode in a video recorder.. Rundfunkschutzrechte Interesse, March 13, 1985: EP0133985-A2 (130 worldwide citation)

1. Device for the automatic switching on and off of the recording mode of a video recorder equipped with a real time calendar clock, a data memory and a data comparator, in which the time datum of the intended start of a television programme is inputted as a desired value into a storage means and re ...

Graham George A, Luce Nunzio A, Zanoni Louis A: Electro-optic cell having a liquid isolated from its hermetic sealing means. Optel Corporation, Spivak Joel F, April 30, 1974: US3807833 (117 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal cell comprises a transparent top support plate having a transparent conductive coating thereon, a bottom support plate smaller than the first support plate and having a reflective conductive coating on one surface thereof and a black coating on its opposite surface is centered with ...

Yamamura Katsumi, Kakizawa Kouji, Yamazaki Yoshio, Kubota Kanemitsu, Nishimura Izuhiko: Electrodes for liquid crystal display device. July 24, 1973: US3748017 (110 worldwide citation)

In a liquid crystal display device, gases, and in particular, H.sub.2 and O.sub.2 may be generated. Deleterious effects are avoided by incorporating in at least one of the electrodes a catalyst for the recombination of said gases.

Bergey John M, Walton Richard S: Solid state watch. Hamilton Watch Company, June 27, 1972: US3672155 (100 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a solid state watch which requires no moving parts for timekeeping and display. The watch comprises a crystal controlled oscillator connected through an integrated circuit binary frequency divider to an electro-optical display in the form of light emitting diodes. The display is energiz ...

Albert Behar, Orna Behar, Lee W Frederiksen, Donald A Howard Link, Catherine Timmerman: Human behavior modification which establishes and generates a user adaptive withdrawal schedule. Health Innovations, Nixon & Vanderhye, August 1, 1989: US04853854 (95 worldwide citation)

A human behavior modification method and apparatus aid in withdrawing from a particular habit. A behavioral event such as smoking a cigarette may be associated with the habit numerous times over a period of time. The present method and apparatus aids withdrawal from the habit by providing a structur ...

Steven W Teppler: Personal computer system and methods for proving dates in digital data files. Time Certain, Venable, James R Burdett, W Russell Swindell, May 24, 2005: US06898709 (83 worldwide citation)

A personal computer (PC) system and methods for proving dates of digital data files, which are accessed, created, modified, received, or transmitted by the PC includes a trusted time source in a tamperproof environment, a first subsystem for saving the file at a moment in time, a second subsystem fo ...

Rorden Louis H: Radio frequency standard and voltage controlled oscillator. Develco, October 19, 1971: US3614630 (81 worldwide citation)

A radio signal controlled oscillator is provided as a local frequency standard by synchronizing the oscillator using a phase-lock servosystem comprising a long term integrating device as a voltage variable capacitor in the resonant circuit of the oscillator. The device consists of two columns of mer ...

Orr Thomas, Ogden Roland: Heartbeat rate monitors. SAID Orr by said Ogden, Becker John E, April 30, 1974: US3807388 (80 worldwide citation)

A heartbeat rate monitor or personal pulse indicator comprises a transducer for detecting heartbeats and supplying an electric signal corresponding to the heartbeat rate, and a display for indicating the heratbeat rate. The display is incorporated in a watch casing which also incorporates means to d ...


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