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A television or, as shown, radio receiver (10) is provided with a light pen (12) capable of reading bar codes in a broadcasting periodical (18), these codes then being applied to a store (30) in the receiver. The programme codes comprise a station reference number and a time indication. When the tim ...

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1. Device for the automatic switching on and off of the recording mode of a video recorder equipped with a real time calendar clock, a data memory and a data comparator, in which the time datum of the intended start of a television programme is inputted as a desired value into a storage means and re ...

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A liquid crystal cell comprises a transparent top support plate having a transparent conductive coating thereon, a bottom support plate smaller than the first support plate and having a reflective conductive coating on one surface thereof and a black coating on its opposite surface is centered with ...

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In a liquid crystal display device, gases, and in particular, H.sub.2 and O.sub.2 may be generated. Deleterious effects are avoided by incorporating in at least one of the electrodes a catalyst for the recombination of said gases.

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Disclosed is a solid state watch which requires no moving parts for timekeeping and display. The watch comprises a crystal controlled oscillator connected through an integrated circuit binary frequency divider to an electro-optical display in the form of light emitting diodes. The display is energiz ...

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A human behavior modification method and apparatus aid in withdrawing from a particular habit. A behavioral event such as smoking a cigarette may be associated with the habit numerous times over a period of time. The present method and apparatus aids withdrawal from the habit by providing a structur ...

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A personal computer (PC) system and methods for proving dates of digital data files, which are accessed, created, modified, received, or transmitted by the PC includes a trusted time source in a tamperproof environment, a first subsystem for saving the file at a moment in time, a second subsystem fo ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To save the space of a surface mounting antenna to be used for receiving standard radio waves by miniaturizing it and to improve the directivity of the antenna so that sensitivity does not fluctuate by the posture of portable equipment and to make the antenna less expensive as ...

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A heartbeat rate monitor or personal pulse indicator comprises a transducer for detecting heartbeats and supplying an electric signal corresponding to the heartbeat rate, and a display for indicating the heratbeat rate. The display is incorporated in a watch casing which also incorporates means to d ...

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A radio signal controlled oscillator is provided as a local frequency standard by synchronizing the oscillator using a phase-lock servosystem comprising a long term integrating device as a voltage variable capacitor in the resonant circuit of the oscillator. The device consists of two columns of mer ...