Steven Jobs
Matthew Francis DiMaggio, Raymond S Sepulveda, Steven P Jobs, BJ Watrous: Calendar Views with Color-Coded Event Density. December 20, 2012: US20120320716-A1

Electronic calendar views are disclosed that include color-coded event density. In some implementations, a number of colors are used to indicate event density in calendar views. Headers of the calendar views can also be color-coded. Color-coding can include coloring day backgrounds or day numbers.

Randall T Brunts: GPS based time determining system and method. Delco Electronics Corporation, Jimmy L Funke, March 3, 1998: US05724316 (411 worldwide citation)

An audio entertainment/navigation system with updated time readings is provided especially for a mobile user. The navigation system receives GPS position information signals which are processed to determine current position latitude and longitude coordinates and direction of travel. A destination da ...

Chandrasekhar Narayanaswami, Mandayam T Raghunath: Alarm interface for a smart watch. International Business Machines Corporation, Gail H Zarick Esq, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, November 5, 2002: US06477117 (281 worldwide citation)

A wearable mobile computing device/appliance (a wrist watch) with a high resolution display that is capable of wirelessly accessing information from a network and a variety of other devices. The mobile computing device/appliance includes a user interface that is used to efficiently interact with ala ...

James L Richards: System and method for monitoring assets, objects, people and animals utilizing impulse radio. Time Domain, James S Finn, William J Tucker, May 31, 2005: US06900732 (149 worldwide citation)

An asset, object, person or animal monitoring system and associated method for monitoring assets, objects, people or animals utilizing impulse radio techniques. The asset, object, person or animal monitoring system of the present invention can vary the duty cycles of the impulse radio transmitters, ...

David J Cordova Jr: Spatial displacement time display. June 11, 1996: US05526327 (143 worldwide citation)

A display and method for depicting the passage of time by selectively and progressively filling predetermined areas, each area representing hours, minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds respectively. The areas may be of any shape or combination of shapes. The portion of the area that is filled repre ...

Simon Desai, James G MacKnight: Precise universal time for vehicles. Trimble Navigation, John Schipper, June 7, 1994: US05319374 (139 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for providing precise universal time coordination or synchronization for each of a plurality of N vehicles, numbered consecutively i=1, 2, . . ., N (N.gtoreq.2) that move within a selected geographic region and that communicate by radiowaves with one or more base stations locate ...

Donald R Brewer, Michael Jarcho: Dynamically changing liquid crystal display timekeeping apparatus. Boit Incorporated, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, June 3, 1997: US05636185 (133 worldwide citation)

A dynamically changing, multi-color liquid crystal display for electronic watches or other design apparel items is provided. The liquid crystal displays incorporated within the watch or designer apparel item can be adapted to provide various colored images such as geometric images, animation images, ...

Karel Havel: Variable color analog timepiece. November 17, 1987: US04707141 (131 worldwide citation)

A timepiece includes a variable color display for providing an analog indication of time and a transducer for measuring values of a diverse quantity. The color of the analog indication may be controlled in a plurality of steps in accordance with the output of the transducer.

John M Bergey, Robert E McCullough, Arthur H O Connor: Light emitting diode wristwatch with angular display. Time Computer, LeBlanc & Shur, August 17, 1976: US03974637 (123 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a solid state wristwatch having an active electro-optical display in the form of light emitting diodes. The display is mounted on one sloping side of a groove in a circular module frame and comprises a ceramic substrate having the display on one side and a large scale integrated circuit ...