Henry McKelvey, MIS
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A system, method, and device for producing, transmitting and displaying images in holographic form of up to three dimensions. Information representative of a three dimensional image can be converted into three-dimensional positional data. The three-dimensional position data can be converted into an ...

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A heads-up display unit provided with a display device serving as display image forming means which displays a display image. A hologram serves as a reflecting means, and reflects the display light emitted from the display device, causing reflection of the display image on the interior surface of a ...

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A transparent-type hologram comprising a transparent hologram-forming layer and a holographic effect-enhancing layer comprising a thin transparent film, the holographic effect-enhancing layer being laminated on the hologram-forming portion of the transparent hologram-forming layer. The holographic e ...

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This is a board to transport and convert optical outgoing free-space signals from a spatial light modulator which comprises: at least one detector to process the outgoing free-space signal; at least one signal transmitter to process the outgoing free-space signal; and at least one outgoing optical s ...

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An optical system is provided that produces bright, high contrast head-up display images which are not adversely affected by the direct exposure to sunlight of the system's virtual image source. The optical system comprises a light source system which projects a focused light beam to a segmented, el ...

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A high finesse holographic Fabry-Perot etalon and method of making a high finesse holographic Fabry-Perot etalon is disclosed. Particularly, a holographic Fabry-Perot etalon which achieves high finesse despite non-flat interfaces between the etalon media is presented. In a preferred method of fabric ...

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A spot scanning holographic spinner system incorporates an optical element in the optical path to provide compensation for wavelength shifts in the coherent light source. The device is located in a plane parallel to the spinner and consists of a diffraction grating having the same properties as grat ...

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A head-up display for an automobile utilizing a light transmission hologram optical device as well as a light reflection hologram optical device. The head-up display is installed in a large truck or in a special freight car, such as a container car or a ready mixed concrete car, so that the head-up ...

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A building panel, such as a flooring panel or wall panel and a method of assembling the same into a floor, wall cladding, etc. The panel is provided with a locking means in the form of groove (