Henry McKelvey, MIS
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A system, method, and device for producing, transmitting and displaying images in holographic form of up to three dimensions. Information representative of a three dimensional image can be converted into three-dimensional positional data. The three-dimensional position data can be converted into an ...

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A heads-up display unit provided with a display device serving as display image forming means which displays a display image. A hologram serves as a reflecting means, and reflects the display light emitted from the display device, causing reflection of the display image on the interior surface of a ...

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A transparent-type hologram comprising a transparent hologram-forming layer and a holographic effect-enhancing layer comprising a thin transparent film, the holographic effect-enhancing layer being laminated on the hologram-forming portion of the transparent hologram-forming layer. The holographic e ...

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This is a board to transport and convert optical outgoing free-space signals from a spatial light modulator which comprises: at least one detector to process the outgoing free-space signal; at least one signal transmitter to process the outgoing free-space signal; and at least one outgoing optical s ...

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A high finesse holographic Fabry-Perot etalon and method of making a high finesse holographic Fabry-Perot etalon is disclosed. Particularly, a holographic Fabry-Perot etalon which achieves high finesse despite non-flat interfaces between the etalon media is presented. In a preferred method of fabric ...

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An optical system is provided that produces bright, high contrast head-up display images which are not adversely affected by the direct exposure to sunlight of the system's virtual image source. The optical system comprises a light source system which projects a focused light beam to a segmented, el ...

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A spot scanning holographic spinner system incorporates an optical element in the optical path to provide compensation for wavelength shifts in the coherent light source. The device is located in a plane parallel to the spinner and consists of a diffraction grating having the same properties as grat ...

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A building panel, such as a flooring panel or wall panel and a method of assembling the same into a floor, wall cladding, etc. The panel is provided with a locking means in the form of groove (

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Non-continuous reflective hologram or diffraction grating devices are provided in various forms for authenticating documents and things, such as those that contain visual information desired to be protected from alteration. Examples of such information include written personal data and photograph on ...