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A process for the preparation of hydroxygallium phthalocyanines which comprises hydrolyzing a gallium phthalocyanine precursor pigment by dissolving said hydroxygallium phthalocyanine in a strong acid and then reprecipitating the resulting dissolved pigment in basic aqueous media; removing any ionic ...

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A photoconductive imaging member comprised of a hydroxygallium phthalocyanine photogenerator layer, a charge transport layer, a barrier layer, a photogenerator layer comprised of a mixture of bisbenzimidazo(2,1-a-1',2'-b)anthra(2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f')diisoquinoline -6,11-dione and bisbenzimidazo(2, ...

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An electrophotographic imaging member including a supporting substrate coated with at least a charge generating layer, a charge transport layer and an overcoating layer, said overcoating layer comprising a dihydroxy arylamine dissolved or molecularly dispersed in a crosslinked polyamide matrix. The ...

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In an electrophotographic imaging device, material for an exposed anti-curl layer has organic fillers dispersed therein. The fillers provide coefficient of surface contact friction reduction, increased wear resistance, and improved adhesion of the anti-curl layer, without adversely affecting the opt ...

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An electrophotographic imaging member comprising a substrate, a charge generating layer, a charge transport layer, and an overcoat layer comprising a small molecule hole transporting arylamine having at least two hydroxy functional groups, a hydroxy or multihydroxy triphenyl methane and a polyamide ...


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An electrophotographic photoconductor has an electroconductive support and a photoconductive layer formed thereon, which contains a charge transport material with a polycarbonate structure having a triarylamino group at least on the main chain or side chain thereof, and a charge generation material ...