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A decolorizable toner comprising a resin binder, a near infrared ray-absorbing dye, a decolorizing agent and a light fastness stabilizer, and a process for preparing the decolorizable toner, which comprises the steps of mixing the near infrared ray-absorbing dye and the light fastness stabilizer wit ...

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A magnetic developer for developing an electrostatic latent image, including hydrophobic silica fine powder and an insulating magnetic toner comprising at least a binder resin and a magnetic material comprising spherical magnetic particles; wherein 0.16 to 1.6 wt. parts of the hydrophobic silica fin ...


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A hydrophobic metal oxide powder obtained by simultaneously surface-treating a powder of a metal oxide (for example, silica, titania, alumina, or the like) with silicone oil having epoxy groups and a non-polymeric amine compound having a lower number of primary and/or secondary amino groups than the ...

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Surface-modified, pyrogenically produced mixed oxides contain two or more components from SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, ZrO2, Re2O3, Nb2O5, V2O5, WO3, SnO2 and GeO2, which were surface modified with one or more of cpds. (a)-(m) below. (a) organosilanes of formula (I): (RO)3Si(CnH2n+1) (I) R = alkyl; and n = 1- ...

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A developer for electrostatic photography comprises toner and carrier coated with a composition comprising a silicone resing having (II) and (II min ) and another silicone resin having (III), (IV) or (V). v

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The toner for developing an electrostatic image, excellent in any environmental conditions, comprises the colorant-containing resin particles and at least one kind of fine titanium oxide powder which has been made hydrophobic by treating in an aqueous medium; the fine titanium oxide powder has an av ...