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Electrophotographic plates are provided having a charge generation layer and a separate charge transport layer comprising a tri-aryl pyrazoline compound having the formula: ##SPC1##Wherein n is zero or one, and A, A.sup.1 and A.sup.2 are each aryl radicals.

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Triarylamines having at least one of the aryl radicals substituted by an active hydrogen-containing group are good organic photoconductors in electrophotographic systems.

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Die Erfindung betrifft elektrophotographische Aufzeichnungsmaterialien, im wesentlichen bestehend aus einem elektrisch leitfähigen Trägermaterial und einer photohalbleitenden Doppelschicht aus einer ersten Ladungsträger erzeugende Farbstoffe enthaltenden Schicht und einer zweiten, mindestens eine im ...

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An electrophotographic plate comprising phthalocyanine pigment dispersed in a binder material is disclosed. Methods of preparing and using said plate in electrophotographic processes are also disclosed.

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Multiphase heterogeneous compositions are formed from an organic dye and electrically insulating polymeric material. A solution of dye and polymer is prepared and subsequently treated, for example, by exposure of a coating thereof to a solvent to form the heterogeneous compositions. These compositio ...

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Sulfonium, arsonium, ammonium and sphosphonium salts, useful as photoinitiators, comprise: a chromophore which absorbs visible radiation, the chromophore (1) having a removable positive hydrogen ion and (2) exhibiting a higher energy occupied molecular orbital than at least one other substituent att ...


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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an electrophotographic photoreceptor excellent in deposition, wear and scuffing resistances, having very good electrophotographic characteristics such as sensitivity and residual potential and capable of exhibiting stable performance even in repetitive use and to obta ...

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An electrophotographic plate having a photoreceptor comprising a photoinjecting pigment selected from the class of perylene pigments and an active transport material which is substantially transparent in the wavelength region of xerographic use and capable of supporting charge carrier injection from ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electorphotographic photoreceptor which is good in sensitivity in spite of formation of a protective layer, is little in an increase of residual potential and small in potential fluctuation by environment at change and makes it possible obtain stable electrophotog ...