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A pattern forming method comprising a step of disposing a substrate with a coated film of photosensitive composition and a mask having a predetermined pattern in a first liquid which does not dissolve said coated film of photosensitive composition, and a step of exposing said coated film to light th ...

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This invention relates to the field of nanotechnology. Specifically the invention describes a method for cutting a multiplicity of nano-structures to uniform dimensions of length, length and width, or area, or to a specific distribution of lengths or area using various cutting techniques.

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This invention is directed to a method of processing at least one digital image of at least one photographic image and distributing at least one visual print produced from the at least one digital image. The method includes the steps of storing at least one digital image of at least one photographic ...

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A sequential color display system using three spatial light modulators and dichroic filters to sequentially provide a primary color light beam to a projection spatial light modulator. A set of dichroic filters separates a white light beam into primary colored light beams. Each primary colored light ...